Birthday Party Holiday Themes: Valentine’s Day

If your child’s birthday falls on or around Valentine’s Day, you may be thinking about incorporating the holiday into your party’s theme. When Valentine’s Day draws near, you’ll likely find great deals on Valentine’s Day decorations and supplies at inexpensive places like your local dollar store or Oriental Trading Company . Look for Valentine’s Day themed décor, paper plates and napkins, and select red and pink colored plasticware and cups.

The following are some fun game and activity ideas for an Valentine’s Day themed birthday party. Use these ideas or put your own spin on them to come up with some creative and fun activities for the kids.

Valentine’s Day Cards

For a craft activity, have the kids make Valentine’s day cards for their parents, grandparents or another loved one. Offer pink, red and white construction paper, Valentine’s day stickers and stamps and lots of crayons and markers. Make sure to have plenty of safety scissors on hand.

“Follow Your Heart” Scavenger Hunt

This is a great idea to put a sweet twist on a scavenger hunt. Make 4 large hearts from poster board and write a poem explaining what the kids have to do at each heart.

At the first heart, have them do the hokey-pokey.

On the second heart, give instructions for a game. For the game, make a large heart with each child’s name on it and placed them on the floor at the end of a long hallway. Have the kids form two lines and do a relay where they run down, found their heart, picked it up and came back to the end of the line. The first team to finish was the winner.

The third heart will also give instructions for a game. Make small hearts for each child and have different animal stickers on the hearts. Put the same stickers on two hearts. Have the kids form a circle and shut their eyes with their hands behind their back. Put a heart in each child’s hand and when they opened their eyes, they had to find the other child with the same animal sticker as them.

The fourth heart can instruct the kids to do the chicken dance.

Valentine’s Day Place Mats

Provide brightly colored hearts cut from construction paper, as well as stickers, glitter pens, crayons, markers, ribbon, etc. Have the kids decorate a piece of black construction paper to their heart’s content. When they’re done, cover both sides with contact paper.

Pin the Nose on the Heart

Cut a large piece of red poster board into a heart shape. Add eyes and a mouth to the heart. One at a time, blindfold each child and have them see how close they can stick their paper hearts on the big heart’s nose.

Hot Balloon

This game is just like hot potato, but instead use a heart shaped balloon. Have the children all sit in a circle and when the music starts, have them take turns passing the balloon to their neighbor. When the music stops, whomever was holding the balloon wins a prize!


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