Birthday Parties at Ryan’s Family Amusement: A Review

When my son turned 4, he was finally ready to have a birthday party at the location of his choice. In fact, he begged to have a party somewhere “great,” like many of his preschool friend’s had. Being that at the time he was into bowling, I went to check out a few places in our area: including Ryan’s Family Amusement in Millis, Massachusetts and Ficco’s Bowling Alley in Franklin, Massachusetts. After comparing the prices and sites, I decided that Ryan’s Family Amusement was the right choice because of the arcade games offered, and I knew that the young children at the party would only find bowling appealing for a short period of time. Boy, was I right!

Ryan’s Family Amusement offers some great birthday packages at the Millis, Massachusetts location, although they vary from location to location slightly (make sure to check with the location nearest you for details and pricing). The two main, and most appealing packages for bowling birthday parties are:

The Spare: $14.00 pp (8 person minimum) and includes…
1. 1 hour of open bumper bowling.
2. Use of bowling shoes.
3. 10 game tokens for each guest.
4. Balloons.
5. Trophy and birthday button for the birthday person.
6. paper products and utensils.
7. 45 minutes in the party room.

The Strike: $16.00 pp (8 person minimum) and includes everything in The Spare package plus 2 slices of pizza and a soft drink for each guest.

My recommendation:
For my son’s bowling birthday party, we chose the Spare package because we thought it would be best to bring our own pizza to ensure everyone had enough: My husband and I love pizza and can easily take down a large ourselves- (gag- I know!). Anyway, I definitely recommend this package for anyone with more than 8 guests, especially for those having children parties where the parent’s will be attending, but not a “paid-for” guest. I always find it rude when I take my son to a party and have to watch only the children eat.

One of the perks of the Spare package for the bowling birthday party is that you can pay for 8 children to bowl, and still buy and have enough food and drinks for parents and other guests that chose not to bowl. In fact, I had about 20 guests at my son’s party, and only paid for 11. The rest of the guests did not bowl and were able to eat and celebrate nonetheless. The best part of my son’s bowling party was not the actual bowling! In fact, many of the children at the party were four or younger and only interested in taking a few turns each. That was fine with me, as long as everyone was happy! So, the arcade games were a huge plus! Not to mention, my son got to pick out a few great prizes at the end, which was his favorite part! I definitely recommend going to Ryan’s Family Amusement or any alley with arcade games for a bowling birthday party, especially when young children are invited.

The one complaint I had about hosting my son’s bowling birthday party here was that the employees were not very helpful. I had to ask three times for the paper products before anyone brought them to me, and no one advised me on how to spend my time or when I should be in the party room. In fact, I felt as if I was bowling and playing and using up all my time in the room, and we were not even in the room. Then, when it was time to eat and have cake, we were rushed and shooed out a bit rudely. Therefore, I do think they need to organize the system a bit better. For instance, give a set bowling time, then begin clocking the use of the party room, once it is actually being used.

Overall, my son loved his bowling birthday party at Ryan’s Family Amusement….and that really is all that matters.