Birthday Cake Games for Kids

Blindfolded Cake Tasting

Blindfold your daughter so she can taste the cupcakes you’ve baked in various flavors — the “winner” will be her birthday cake flavor. For instance, serve her pieces of strawberry, chocolate, or lemon-flavored cupcakes along with the icings that will go on each cake like cream cheese or berry, and mix and match the icings with the cupcakes so she can choose the perfect combination. If you decide to serve cupcakes instead of birthday cake at your daughter’s party, you can play this game with all the guests by using food coloring for the cupcakes, e.g. red for strawberry, green for pistachio, yellow for banana, and blindfold the children so they can guess the flavors and receive a fun but indirect lesson on color recognition.

Cake Decorating Race

Bake mini cakes for your son’s birthday party, along with paper aprons and chef’s hats for his guests. Supply each child with colored icing, sprinkles, crumbled cookies, and chocolate candies. Set the timer for 10 minutes so that each child can adorn their personal dessert with sweet and colorful accents. When time is up, judge each child’s cake on creativity and visual appeal, and have small gift bags ready to hand to the first, second and third place winners filled with non-food items like small plastic cars, key chains, or mini soccer or basketballs.

Birthday Cake Puzzle

Take some pictures of cakes you think your daughter would want for her birthday, and enlarge the photos so you can cut them into squares to create a birthday cake puzzle. Cover the puzzle pieces in Con-Tact paper, and let your little girl put the pieces together in any way that fits to result in a crazy cake design that features a number of colors and accents. For instance, cut up a picture of a cake with fondant or icing flowers, as well as a cake with tie-dye icing. Once your daughter puts the puzzle together, the two of you can make her birthday cake with a half-flower border or icing in shades of pink and purple. She can also add her own accents like edible glitter or jelly beans to customize the cake before serving it to guests.

Birthday Decorating Grab Bag

Once you’ve decided on the flavor and shape for your little boy’s birthday cake, write a number of cake decorations on construction paper, and cut each phrase into a strip, e.g. “chocolate sprinkles,” “candied cherries,” or “mini chocolate bars.” Place the strips in a hat and let your son pick two or three strips from the hat to decide which types of edible decor will appear on his birthday cake. Do the same thing for the color of icing he wants, or to help him decide if he wants a large cake, cupcakes, or mini layer cakes for the celebration.