Biography: Darren Levine

When the German Nazi’s implemented the Nuremburg laws during the 1930’s, a huge outcry of violence took place all over Earstern Europe. One reason of this horrible scenario to happen was because the Nuremburg laws declared that the Jews were not to have the same protection and services as the other non Jews, and basically granting the Jews in this area to be inferior. This law began a stream of violence towards Jews. One of these cities effected by this outrageous law was place in Czechoslovakia named Bratislava. During this time a group of people who were originally boxers, and wrestlers, took it upon themselves to protect their home against these atrocious nazi oppressors. The leader of this group was a man named Imi Lichtenfeld, at the time he was a recent world champion wrestler. Eventually all his expertise in wrestling would pay off and turn into the street warfare based self defense system that is called Krav Maga today. Through the years Krav Maga would become very popular around the world, and implemented in many armies. The first teacher to be granted the right by Imi Lichtenfeld to teach the United States would be a man named Darren Levine. Here is a short biography of this Krav Maga grand master.

Darren Levine was born in Los Angeles, California in 1960. He has many different titles to his name such as a martial artist, entrepreneur, and is credited for making Krav Maga popular in the United states. He is also a prosecutor for the Los Angeles county District Attorney’s office, where his job is to prosecute suspects involved in the murder or attempted murder of the city’s police officer. Darren Levine has been working at the Deputy District Attorney office since 2003. One of his acclaimed accomplishments in the realm of law is the success in convicting a man named Gerald Mason, who had evaded arrest since 1957 and was proven to have raped a girl and murder two police officers. Darren Levine is highly awarded prosecutor with a 100% conviction rate as of 2007. Darren Levine is also the creator of two different Krav Maga associations: Krav Maga Association of America and Krav Maga Worldwide. As one of the first selected people outside of Israel to train in Krav Maga, he went to Israel to train with the father of Krav Maga, Imi lichtenfeld. Darren Levine is one of two people to have been awarded the Krav Maga founders Diploma, given by Imi lichtenfeld before he died.

Darren Levine is a famous Krav Maga martial artist who also works for the city of Los Angeles. He is credited for bringing Krav Maga in to the American spotlight.