Bill Maher Unapologetic for Slurs Against Sarah Palin

Bill Maher, the host of the HBO show “Real Time,” was unapologetic about calling Sarah Palin names that refer to the female genitalia as well as, along with Michele Bachman, a bimbo during an appearance on “Hardball.”

“‘Well, you know, I’ve been through this so many times,’ Maher said. “I mean there’s a lot of people in America who have, of course, nothing to do except look for something to get mad at and I’ve been a frequent target and I’m happy to provide that service. So, you know, I always say, as I’ve said many times in these kind of situations, if I hurt somebody’s feelings, I’m always sorry about that. I’m not trying to hurt somebody’s feelings, but if you want me to say, ‘I’m sorry what I said was wrong.’ No, sorry, I can’t go there.'”

Of course it might be said that Maher has made a good living in recent years by looking for something to get mad at. In any event, his defiant stance and his barrage of insults against Palin suggest one of two things to explain his behavior.

The first theory is, despite his denials about not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, Maher seriously, passionately hates Palin and wants to hurt her at every opportunity. Ridicule coming from a comedian is one thing, even if it is not based in reality. But using such degrading and obscene language against a woman suggests that Maher may have issues that only a mental health professional would be competent enough to explore thoroughly.

The second theory is that Maher’s campaign against Palin is part of a subtle and clever scheme to enhance his career. Maher may have concluded that Obama is on his way out as president, due to the economic malaise that persists at home and the multiple wars that are raging abroad.

So, if President Obama is doomed to be a one-term president, who would be the best person to replace him from the standpoint of Maher’s career?

None other than Sarah Palin. Her mannerisms, her appearance, and her conservatism would provide endless material for Maher to snark about for the next four to eight years.

So how does Maher calling Palin a t— and a c— get her elected? It does that by getting her sympathy. Maher’s attacks are so over the top, so vile, that they are bound to increase Palin’s popularity, causing her to win in the primaries and then beat President Obama in the general election.

So Palin becomes president, Maher gets to be on television well into the 21st century, and all will be right with the world. What could go wrong?

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