Bill Maher: Faith-Based Climate Scientist

COMMENTARY | Bill Maher often disdains religion and its tendency to adhere to beliefs based on faith. But it seems that the host of HBO’s “Real Time” is not above taking things on faith when it suits his inclinations.

That was the case recently, according to the Daily Caller, when he opined that the recent tornadoes that ravaged some southern states were caused by global warming.

“‘This is global warming,’ Maher declared. ”¹…”This is global warming ‘” there’s more moisture ‘” it’s what scientist always said. There’s more moisture in the atmosphere. It’s going to cause these giant disasters.'”

The problem is that is not what “scientist always said.” Roy Spenser, a former NASA scientist who now teaches at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, begs to differ.

“If there is one weather phenomenon global warming theory does NOT predict more of, it would be severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

“Tornadic thunderstorms do not require tropical-type warmth. In fact, tornadoes are almost unheard of in the tropics, despite frequent thunderstorm activity.”

Spenser points out that, contrary to that great scientific paragon Bill Maher, moisture in the air does not lead to more violent tornadoes, nor does warm air. Indeed, more violent tornados would tend to be evidence of global cooling, not global warming. In any case, data going back to the 1950s suggests that tornadoes and other storms are not getting more violent at all, but if anything are getting less so. Increase in population and a spread of human habitation tends to explain the greater damage tornadoes are doing better than airy theories about climate change.

One thing Maher proved that one does not have to be a religious nut to believe that the end times have come. One can be a secular humanist nut and believe similar things. Indeed, Maher mimics his more godly counterparts by predicting disaster if we do not change our evil ways. The religious prophet of doom says we must repent our sins and turn back to God. Maher wants to pass cap and trade and cut back on our sinful use of fossil fuels.

Holding to views based on faith often means believing things because it is convenient to do so. Maher, who used to style himself as a libertarian, has in recently years become a European style socialist, championing everything from government run health care to massive regulations on business. Naturally he would believe in global warming as fervently as a Christian believes in the Second Coming. Global warming means that a lot of things Maher believes are good must come to pass or we’re all going to die.

Unfortunately more intrusions by government into the private business of people are not good things. Experience, not faith, tends to prove that. But then Maher is a man of faith and would dispute that as well.

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