Bill Maher Abuses Palin, Bachmann, Male Republicans in Birth Certificate Routine

COMMENTARY | Another episode of Bill Maher’s “Real Time” aired, so therefore it was the occasion of another attack on Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. To be sure, Maher also slimed Donald Trump, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.

The riff was on Trump’s unfortunate adventures into birtherism, the idea that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya. So Maher, ever ready for a new opportunity to attack conservatives, presented fake birth certificates for some of his favorite people.

“‘This is Sarah Palin’s, the ‘Certificate of Birth and Hunting License.’ And as you see her condition, ‘Healthy, alert and pregnant.'”

Born pregnant? Palin is a tribble? Who knew?

Maher, gentleman that he was, could not allow Bachmann to feel neglected.

“Here’s, is this Michele Bachmann’s? Oh yes. ‘Birth Certificate/Commitment Papers. Condition: Alert, Responsive, Lights On, Nobody Home.’ And I like the comments: ‘Stupid, even for a baby.'”

Trump (“Complications — Head up his a-‘), Romney (“Model: Human infiltration, Hunter/Killer”) and Huckabee (“Birth weight — More than a possum”) all came in for similar abuse, so Maher could not be accused of just picking on the ladies. Curiously, New Gingrich was not mentioned.

Mind, Maher’s graphics department made a mistake with Bachmann’s phony certificate, as Bachmann is her married name; she was born Michele Marie Amble.

Some of the most current examples are kind of head scratching. Bachmann is stupid? That’s standard left wing agitprop; all righties are stupid, especially if they are attractive women. The accusation that Palin was born pregnant is curious, though. Leaving aside that she looks and sounds nothing like a tribble, it looks like Maher is attacking motherhood. Does he remember that he actually has a mother?

Trump probably brought on the abuse on himself with the birther nonsense. If he feels offended, he can buy HBO and create a new reality show in which Maher is put in the stocks to be abused by rejects from “The Apprentice.”

Riffing on Huckabee’s former weight is kind of cheap, but typical of the school boy approach to humor that Maher seems to prefer these days. It’s the sort of thing that is actually discouraged among 8-year-olds, but apparently not among aging “comedians.”

Romney as a Terminator is the most puzzling. Does Maher know that the Terminator was played by another former Republican governor? Maher has a number of problems with his routines. That he is offensive, crude, and, where conservative women are concerned, misogynistic is a given. But despite the way his audience brays at his every word, he really isn’t funny. Everything else would keep him on the air if it were not for the fact that Maher has just become humor impaired. He is now in the process of jumping the shark, and a pretty big one as well. It may be time to show mercy to him and quietly retire him and his show. The election campaign season is coming up and what Maher may be moved to do should have the suits at HBO staying awake at nights.

Source: Maher on GOP Birth Certificates: Palin Born Pregnant, Bachmann ‘Stupid Even for a Baby’, Noel Shepherd, Newsbusters, April 2, 2011