Big Brother 13 Recap First Eviction Plus Message from Dick

Is their trouble in paradise. Brendon and Rachel had a little fight about her telling everybody his pet name but thankful and little kiss kiss here kiss kiss there and everything is fine.

Evil dick gave everyone a message telling them to fight hard and he misses them and he will see them at the finale. When Julie asked Daniele if she had anything to say about her father she stumble around it till she kind of said she loved him.

When voting started Dominic voted to evict Porsche then Brendon voted to evict Keith. Jordan was the next one to vote and she also voted to evict Keith. Cassi evened it up voting to evict Porsche leaving it tied 2-2.

After the commercial Lawon was the first to vote and he voted to evict Porsche. Jeff came to the booth and evicted Keith tieing it back up at 3 a piece. Daniele voted next and tryed to clear up the point that she does love her father before casting her vote to evict Keith. The first possible swing vote Adam came to the booth and voted to evict Porsche putting a dampener in the veterans plans. The vote is now tied at four apiece. Kaila came to the booth next and surprised everyone by voting to evict Keith. Shelley came to the booth with the possibility to eliminate Keith our make it a tie and leave Rachel with the choice. And with that Keith is gone Shelly and Kaila jumped ship and voted with the veterans and Keith is the first to be evicted. Porsche has been awarded the golden Key.

Keith realized that he messed up and he should have played the game different. I do love the shirt Porsche had on when she gave her goodbye message to Keith. “You can look but you can’t touch” now that was great.

The head of house hold competition was next and the house guests had to make a put landing their ball into the #1 slot. Dominic was first landing in #6. Adam was second landing in the eight slot and he was eliminated. Cassie was third and she landed in the water also being eliminated. Shelly also landed in the water eliminating herself. Lawon was the fifth to put and he landed in the water. Kaila was the last newbie to go and landed in the sixth spot tying Dominic for first. Jordan was the first veteran to put and landed in the third slot eliminating Dominic and Kalia. The veterans will have head of household again. Jeff was next and he knocked the heck out of the ball to eliminate himself. Brendon was last and he purposely putted the ball at the sand giving the head of household to Jordan and the veterans.

My guess Adam and Dominic would be the targets for the veterans this week.