Bidet is Good for Your Body

The bidet is the perfect personal hygiene bathroom accessory, and is easier to use than any product of its kind. Bidet attachments make this claim even easier to demonstrate due to their low cost and ease of installation. The Biffy Bidet Personal Rinse toilet attachment was developed by physicians and nurses with our personal health and safety in mind. By creating an efficient bidet water delivery system that attaches to any toilet, it is possible for every member of a household to benefit. This is especially significant when there are multiple bathrooms in a home. In such instances it is common for the homeowner to install a bidet in the master bedroom suite – making its use inconvenient for the rest of the household. With its low cost and easy installation, the bidet attachment makes it possible to enjoy the full health benefits of the bidet on every toilet in your home.

Having bidet attachments readily available throughout your home, will encourage your family to include the bidet in their daily hygiene routine. You will also be able to train your children in the proper use of the bidet and give them an awareness of the importance of cleanliness and good hygiene.
Those in the medical profession realize that the problem is more than one of aesthetics and discomfort. Using toilet paper is a major cause of bladder and urinary tract infections. In fact, the vast majority of urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli and other intestinal pathogens. Sexual activity amplifies the situation by further spreading bacteria in the perinea area. The annual morbidity from urinary tract infections and resultant costs to patients and society is massive. Thorough cleansing with water dramatically lessens the toll of urinary tract infections.

Because the bidet doesn’t require manual dexterity or coordination, it is perfect for the disabled or elderly person in your midst. The bidet cleans without touching, and so the chance for fecal contamination on hands, skin, clothing, and bathroom fixtures can be virtually eliminated. The bidet also provides gentle, non irritating care for many other health problems including hemorrhoids, rashes, and postpartum care for new mothers.

Hemorrhoids are a painful problem and are easily irritated by toilet paper. They can be relieved with the use of a bidet which easily cleans around hemorrhoids without manual contact or rubbing of any kind. The soothing rinse helps to speed up the healing of hemorrhoids. Doctors also find that the bidet’s gentle rectal stimulation can relieve constipation. Simply put, bidets are good for your body.

Author’s Biography:
Warren L. Smith M.D. is the owner of the American Biffy Co., Ltd. and inventor of the Biffy’s signature bidet attachment for the commode. Because the vast majority of urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli and other intestinal pathogens, Dr. Smith developed an affordable bidet toilet system to counter the root cause for just such health/hygienic issues. Dr. Smith has a long established and respected family practice in Boulder City, NV and continues to develop product lines for the Biffy Bidet.