Bidet Attachments Vs. Freestanding Bidets

Even though those of us in the know acknowledge the benefits and importance of making bidet usage part of our daily routine, many Americans still haven’t done so. For most people, their only exposure to bidet use has been a free standing version, which is a unit separate from the toilet and equal in size. Fortunately, today we have other options which are designed to accomplish the same end. (No pun intended.) One of these options is the bidet toilet attachment. Let’s take a few moments to compare these two methods of personal hygiene.

Pricing: The average free standing bidet will most likely (unless you are a plumber) require the services of a licensed professional in order to have it installed. These models are typically made of porcelain, just as your commode, and need careful and proper installation for trouble-free operation. The average cost of this type of home improvement can set you back between $2,500 – $3,500. But, as I said, it is considered a home improvement.

Now we compare this cost to that of a bidet toilet attachment. Bidet attachments are much more economical, and do not require professional installation. They are designed to be installed by the purchaser, and are accompanied by clear, step-by-step instructions. The whole installation should take less than 30 minutes. With bidet attachments you have your choice of raw materials. These attachments can be made of high-impact plastic or chrome and carry a corresponding price tag, which ranges between $80 – $250 in accordance with your preferences.

Space requirements: The typical bathroom is efficiently designed and doesn’t usually contain any extra space. Since the standalone bidet is generally the same size as the average toilet, it requires at least as much space for proper use and operation. Most of us already have fairly cramped bathrooms, so this option would not suit us.

On the other hand, the bidet attachment requires no extra plumbing and no extra space. Since it attaches to your existing toilet, even the smallest bathrooms can now have a bidet. Another terrific advantage is that every bathroom in your home, regardless of size, can be equipped with a bidet, benefitting the entire family.

A matter of convenience: With a free standing bidet, after using the commode, one has to get up, move over to the bidet and sit down again. This process can be very inconvenient for those that may be struggling with mobility issues, or for those who simply don’t want to get up and move at that time.

With the bidet attachment, you can remain seated and still get a healthful clear water wash. In this way, once you do get up, your mission is complete. This helps to make the whole procedure quicker and more efficient.

Author’s Biography:
Warren L. Smith M.D. is the owner of the American Biffy Co., Ltd. and inventor of the Biffy’s signature bidet attachment for the commode. Because the vast majority of urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli and other intestinal pathogens, Dr. Smith developed an affordable bidet toilet system to counter the root cause for just such health/hygienic issues. Dr. Smith has a long established and respected family practice in Boulder City, NV and continues to develop product lines for the Biffy Bidet.