Bible Toting Christians

None of us are perfect, least of all me. Let me say that I’m a Christian and I’m not ashamed of my Religion and my relationship with God. However, I don’t feel that I need to shout it from the mountaintops or issue proclamations announcing it. I am bothered by people that I call the “Bible Toters.” They carry their Bibles around to be seen so that everyone knows that they are a Christian as if this somehow elevates their position in society. These Bible Toters preach to everyone and can quote scripture, pray for those who need it, speak in tongues, and offer an encouraging word for the sick and shut in. All of this sounds wonderful, and I like to praise the Lord as much as the next person, but there is another side to the Bible Toter.

I have witnessed firsthand these Bible Toters gossiping, drinking excessively, partying like a rock star, doing illegal drugs, cursing, lying, fighting, and torturing their own kids. I know that the Bible Toters are still God’s Children and we should love and forgive them, but when they go around talking about everyone else and telling them that they are going to Hell then I have a big problem with them. They can see other people’s faults but they can’t see their own. How do you tell them? How do you help them? I know people that have become discouraged from joining Church based on the Bible Toter’s behavior. I wonder what their Pastors would think if they could see their alter egos, or if they were really exposed. Are they putting their best foot forward or are they putting on a show?

I personally get a bad taste in my mouth when I see one behavior and then look on Facebook or I see them and I hear them quoting Scripture. I start to wonder if there are two or three people living in their head. It’s baffling to me. The thing is if you confront some of the people and ask them about the behavior then they become offended and then they become the victim and act as if you are attacking them. Do these people realize that they are liars and that are lying to themselves as well as others? Do they realize that God is the ultimate judge and that He sees and hears all things, and that what is done in the dark will be revealed in the light?

I really don’t want to just sit back and judge and be a hypocrite and talk about people, I really just want to understand. I feel bad because I am irritated and annoyed by these people, but I do continue to pray for them, but they are running people away who may be interested in uniting with a church or interested in becoming a Christian.

I wonder if they really know God or if they are like me, still a sinner, but loved with my faults and all, and accepted by God just trying to be a better person, no malice intended, just a Christian under Construction.