Beyonce’s -Run the World (Girls)

It seems that Beyonce is continuing to reinvent herself, and do something different than what she has done before. After listening to the song there are a couple of things that I noticed. Click here to listen for yourself, and watch the video. The first thing was that this song has a theme of women empowerment once again. It is very catchy and a beat that is sure to be played over, and over again at local clubs. In the past few days they have released small clips of the video for this song on her website, and through other sources. Looking at the clips it seems like another major production that will probably have a good chance of winning video of the year.

The song itself does not have a lot of lyrics, and is repetitive not unlike many of her other women empowerment songs. However, one thing that Beyonce has proven time and again is that she knows how make a hit with a video to match. It has to be said that some of the lyrics remind me a bit of the Rihanna song. Of course the beat itself is very different which gives the song it’s catchy spin. Tonight the world premier of the video for this song is going to be viewed on the hit show “American Idol.” The clips of the video seem like its going to be focused on some sort of uprising by women. It reminded me of all the news clips we have seen this year of different countries in turmoil, and all the protests. Of course in Beyonce’s video it is all women. Where she got her inspiration for the song, and video is sure to be told soon. The bottom line is that this song clearly spells another hit for Beyonce. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the biggest hits of the summer. As usual Beyonce’s timing is right on for a summer jam. After the video is shown in its entirety, the entire review will be posted here. Feel free to post your thoughts and feelings on the video here as well. Tell us what you think after watching the video. We want to know what you think of the song itself as well so feel free to post.


Now that I have seen the video, I must say that while it was good, it was not what I expected. After watching the previews I really expected more of a Movie type video, than just a dance video. This is not to say that the video itself was not good, but not what I thought. I think that the dance moves were great, but the costumes for the back up dancers could have been better. Overall the video seemed short, and not that entertaining. I am curious to see if this video was just the introduction to another song and video.