Beware the Stolen Wallet

My husband discovered his license and three credit cards had been stolen from our rental car as we were returning to our condo from Sunny Isles beach. His debit card and one other credit card were untouched. He went through his pockets and tried to retrace his steps, at first only knowing one credit card and his license were gone. We didn’t immediately suspect theft, we thought they were in one of his pants pockets back at the condo. Once back, he went through the car, looking under and between the seats, while I went through the condo. Nada. I called three places we knew he had been the day before, Nada. He then went through his wallet and discovered two other cards were gone: Macy’s and Dicks. He called Dicks and found out that someone had put $80 in gas on it, and over $700 at Macy’s. They canceled the card and Jim called Macy’s. The perp (I have some other words to describe the person as well, but we’ll stick with perp for right now) and found out $3100 had been charged to that account.

What we didn’t do because we didn’t even think of it, was to call the police. It may turn out that we wish we had to avoid getting stuck with those charges. Now that my husband is back in Maine, it’s too late to file a report. You might wonder how he flew without his driver’s license; he called our son in Maine to go to our home and get his passport and fax a copy of it. TSA was fine with it once they understood his license had been stolen.

He will be calling to have his debit card replaced as well as the card they left. Perhaps they wrote down the numbers, perhaps not, but we need to do whatever we can to protect him. He’ll also pay to get a monthly credit report so he can watch for strange happenings to his credit, which has always been nearly perfect.

You should have a list of all of your credit cards and the numbers to call and report a stolen card, along with the account numbers (which you will write down backwards in case that is stolen, and keep it where you or someone you trust can get to it –NOT in your wallet.

Keep PIN numbers safe, and no where near the credit cards they belong to.

As soon as you discover your loss, call each company and cancel the card and report the theft.

Get the police involved–call and report a theft. In our case, catching the perp would be very satisfying, but they most likely will go unpunished.

Never leave your purse or wallet in the car. Even though you lock it, there are clever little devices that can unlock a car in just a few seconds.

Do you really need to actually carry all of your credit cards? If not, lock them in the hotel safe or leave them at home in your safe.