Best Universities with Art History Majors

Degrees and programs in art history have a broad range of studies, so a careful decision of which program fits best is important. Many universities offer art history as well. This is a compilation of the best programs in the world. Some programs focus on building and architectural design, while others focus on curatorial methods for the handling of historical art in museums. Even more programs focus on the history of the development and eras of art itself.


The art history bachelor’s program at the University of Illinois at Chicago has a focus on built art. The degree is offered by the College of Architecture and the Arts. There are a broad range of electives and freelance research available in the program with a focus on Chicago architecture.

University of Iowa

The University of Iowa offers an art history program like no other. Here, the focus is education, and it is possible to earn a teacher certificate in art history in this program. A focus on Western culture is driven hard as well as a pursuit in particular areas of art. It becomes more than just a degree in art history at the University of Iowa. It has with it a focus on art of choice, art history education and Western culture.

American University, Washington D.C.

This is the place to be for the most renowned art history programs in the world. Located within Washington D.C., the amount of hands-on learning available to the undergraduate is limitless. The bachelor’s degree has a particular focus stated on the website as to “hone conceptual skills to enable the integration of visual analysis with historical knowledge and contexts.” This translates to guide for the Smithsonian or curator experience in museums. This program is possibly the most exciting program as well.

Masters at American University

Although many colleges offer a Master of Art History, the program at American University is worth an extra section. The program gives little detail on the approach but attempts to enforce the art historian with tools to “further study at the PhD level, teaching in high schools or community colleges, diverse types of museum work (curatorial, development, education, registrar, etc.), historical preservation research, library and archival positions, editing and other employment opportunities.”


The University of Iowa College of Arts

American University College of Arts and Sciences

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Arts