Best Translation of the Bible?

What is the best bible translation? Is there such thing as a best translation of the bible? And, if so which one is it. Many peoples tend to favor the original manuscripts because these are the ones that are closest to the truth of God’s word, but these manuscripts are long gone, and we have only copies of copies of copies. The most ancient manuscripts are copies of the original. There have been commentators, and copyists who have added to the scripture for clearer emphasis, and maybe for corrections of an earlier mistake, but the commentators, and copyists should add a note saying that this is so and so’s comment and this is scripture and not simply add, or subtract from God’s Word. This happens a lot in the New Testament that the modern translators have removed some lines, and changed what the original meant to follow their doctrine of beliefs that are not God’s commands, but man-made ideas and traditions. People have deliberately twisted scripture for their own exploitation, and their own religion to fit. Even Peter warns of such people who twist, add, and subtract what God has said, and what Paul has said. Sometimes, man’s interpretation, and translation of the bible is flawed by their limiting physical and carnal minds that the bible is being misused to justify mostly anything. People have been lied to, tricked, and deceived by false teachers and prophets, and the bible warns of false teachers and prophets. If a prophet has prophesied that the world is going to end, and if it doesn’t happen it means that the person’s prophesy was not from the Lord. And, no one is going to trust the false prophet again because human error is always present. Now, there are true prophets and teachers who present the truth about what the bible says about obedience, and living a holy life before a holy God. Who teachers of the law and are willing to instruct those who want know and obey God’s word.

The translations in English are far to numerous. People should work in translating the bible into other languages because there are languages that haven’t received translators to translate the bible in their own language. The translators work is a spiritual calling to give the Word of God in their language and to translate it faithfully, and with great fear from the Lord. I think, the best English translation is no translation, It is better to learn the original ancient Greek, and the ancient Hebrew tongue to best understand what those 66 books are saying and to learn also the cultural context of the time when these manuscripts were first written. But, if someone wants to read from the English, I recommend the King James Version because it is a word- to word translation of the bible and one can go back and find the ancient Greek or ancient Hebrew with Strong’s Lexicon. Also, the King James Version is not tainted with modern translators religion, or biases, but any translation those have it’s biases and weak points because of the lack of the ancient idioms and culture presented to this generation of modern believers.