Best Technologies of the Decade

Within the last ten years there have been many revolutionary technologies that have made our lives simpler and less complicated. Some of the best technologies include E-book Readers, Windows XP, USB Flash Drive, Nintendo Wii, Free WiFi, TiVo, YouTube, Apple’s iPad, GPS(Global Positioning System), Social Networking Websites, Apple’s iPod, LCD television, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Search Engine. Tasks that would have normally taken us hours to accomplish, will now take us only minutes or even seconds to get done. It is because of these technologies why we are able to do this. We are now able to organize our time more efficiently and access information on-demand.

E-book Reader

An E-book reader is a lot like a tablet and is capable of storing multiple reading materials. Reading materials such as books, magazines and newspapers are stored in an organized and easy to access text format.

Windows XP
Windows XP operating system was created by Microsoft to provide users with an interface that is user friendly, efficient and flexible .

USB Flash Drive
The USB(Universal Service Bus) Flash Drive is a memory storage device that is capable of storing large amounts of data.

Nintendo Wii
One of the best gaming systems is the Nintendo Wii, which was developed by Nintendo Entertainment System. This system is able to control a variety of games using a wireless remote.

Free WiFi
With the invention of Free WiFi, a person with a wireless capable device is able to connect to the internet free of charge, as long as the device is within range of a wireless network.

TiVo is one of the best entertainment technologies and is capable of accessing movies remotely from various video stores.

YouTube is the largest video sharing online community. It contains various genres of music, personal videos, TV series and movies.

Apple’s iPad
The iPad is one of the most innovative technologies invented. It is a multi-functional touch screen tablet .

GPS (Global Positioning System)
The GPS is a navigation device that allows the user to locate places and guide them to their destinations.

Social Networking Websites
The rise of social networking websites has changed the way we keep in touch with friends and family.

Apple’s iPod
Apple’s iPod is able to store more music than a pack of 12 CDs. It has allowed the user to listen to music on the go.

LCD television
The LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) television uses the LCD technology to produce images .

Apple’s iPhone
The iPhone is considered by many to be the best cellular telephone ever developed. It has so many features an ordinary cell phone does not have.

Google’s Search Engine
Google’s Search Engine has changed the way we use the Internet. Google’s Search Engine is not the first search engine on the Internet, but it is the most widely used .

These are the newest technologies that have impressed me and I am sure the developers will be improving on them. They will also continue to develop more innovative and futuristic gadgets.