Best Swimming Pool Toys for Kids 2011

The best swimming pool toys 2011 are a lineup that promise kids will have some serious fun while playing at the pool this year! There are toys that allow kids to compete in games or play by themselves, and some that will get mom and dad wet while sitting at the side of the pool.

A fun mix! From the complete list, here are the top 5 favorite kids pool toys this year:

Wild Planet Magnetized Dive Gloves: The Magnet Gloves from Wild Planet are a set that includes the gloves and magnets. This translates into a fun game ‘” drop the magnets into the water, let them float to the bottom of the pool then pick them up with the special gloves. Retail price on this pool toy is around $15.

Dive Dudes Toys: This is a very un-serious set of diving sticks that are made to look like some very cool characters. They have numbers printed on them for competitive diving stick games. Retail price on the Dive Dudes is around $11.

Swimways Toypedo Pool Toys: Most people who have been to the pool over the past couple of years will likely recognize these. They have become quite popular since their original release, they are special torpedo shaped toys that practically soar through the water up to about 30 feet. They are now available in quite a number of different colors and forms, and are priced retail at around $8 to $15 depending on the one purchased.

Waboba Pool Balls: The Waboba balls are specially designed to bounce on the water. They are available in different forms (basically beginner through pro level), and are especially good for little ones to play with that are working on their catching skills. Retail price on these swimming pool toys is around $10 to $13 depending on the ball purchased.

Crazy Chase Swimming Pool Ball: The Crazy Chase balls are not simply splash balls for the pool; they are battery powered and designed to have crazy and unpredictable motion. The game is to try and figure out which direction the ball will go, then try and grab it. Retail price for this toy is around $17.

Other picks among the best swimming pool toys 2011 include some picks for toddler age kids as well as more submersible diving game toys, plus some toys that can get poolside sitters seriously wet. In terms of shopping for any of them, I can tell you that they can be found and purchased safely online for lower prices than retail.

Resource: Top 10 Swimming Pool Toys @ Squidoo Toys and Hobbies