Best Soccer Fields Around West Newbury, MA

Have you ever wanted to put on your cleats, grab a soccer ball and just go practice your skills and take some shots? I know I have. I’ve played soccer since I was five years old, and I always love going to the field and kicking the ball around. If you can picture what I’m talking about, then you know that finding a good field to play on is half the battle.

Given that I have over 17 years of soccer fields under my belt, I have compiled a list of my favorite fields to practice and play on in my area. If you live in or around the Pentucket Regional School District then this list could be of great help to you.

Here’s how my list breaks down:

1. Shanahan Field (Groveland, MA)
Shanahan Field has gone through some drastic changes over my lifetime. It’s fair to say that several years ago the field probably had more dirt than grass, and it was not all that fun to play on. Not too long ago they put new sod on the field, and now it looks pristine. There is a 6v6 field with smaller nets on it, a large 11v11 field, and a practice board off to the side if you need to practice your shot and would rather that the ball bounced back to you. The field is always open and only closes when you can’t see the ball anymore. The local town teams with kids of all ages use the field to practice, but there is always plenty of time and space to accommodate everybody.

Address: 423 Main Street, Groveland, MA, 01834.

2. Beaumont Pitch/Town Forest (Merrimac, MA)
If you can remember to bring bug spray – if it’s during that time of the season – then this is one of the best fields in the area. Beaumont Pitch – known to locals like myself as Town Forest – has all of the same amenities as Shanahan. Town Forest isn’t quite as good as Shanahan Field, in my opinion, but it certainly is right up there. The fields are very secluded from the general public since they are basically in the middle of the woods – now you understand the bug spray advice – however, Town Forest is the perfect place to practice your skills or play pick-up games with a bunch of your friends. Like Shanahan, the field closes when the sun goes down, and it’s normally pretty busy during the summer until that unofficial closing time arrives.

Address: Located at the end of Town Forest Road, Merrimac, MA, 01860.

3. Pentucket Regional Middle School (West Newbury, MA)
This is where the Pentucket Regional High School Junior Varsity team plays its home matches. The field isn’t as high quality as Shanahan Field or Town Forest, but it certainly does the job. It is just one big 11v11 field, but it is perfect to practice your skills and work on your shot. Although there’s no practice board to make your ball bounce back to you, having to run after a poorly placed shot keeps you in shape, right? Teams use this field for practice during the fall, with track events happening around it during the spring, but on weekends and during the summer this field is fair game for everybody. Address: 20 Main Street, West Newbury, MA, 01985

4. Pipe Stave (West Newbury, MA)
Pipe Stave is a multi-purpose facility. There are equestrian facilities on the grounds, but there are also more soccer fields than you can count. All of the fields are huge and there is a pretty small chance that every one will be taken. It’s pretty secluded so nobody will see you practicing your shot, and it’s nice and quiet and provides few distractions. Families and bikers may pass by as there are hiking and biking trails in the woods surrounding the field, but overall the location is very nice.

Address: Located across the street from 694 Main Street, West Newbury, MA, 01985.

So if you’re in the need to practice your soccer skills or meet up with a bunch of your friends to play some pick-up soccer, you should definitely check out one of these fields and give it a try.