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With eBooks becoming more popular by the second, which eBooks are the best sellers? Below is a list compiled of the best selling eBooks on Amazon during the month of April 2011. The list is definitely well rounded making it easy for any reader to find a eBook download perfect for them.

Top Online eBooks

Love You More: A Novel. Author Lisa Gardner finds her eBook download at the top of the best selling eBooks this month. This eBook was also in the top ten eBooks on Amazon during the month of March, as well. Lisa’s eBook entitled ‘Love You More: A Novel’ was released by the publisher, Random House Digital, Inc. It is a suspenseful mystery that will keep the reader up into the late hours of the night wanting to put the clues together to solve what appears to be a homicide.

City of Fallen Angels. The City of Fallen Angels is the fourth in a series from author Cassandra Clare. Clare ups the stakes in her newest eBook with her never ending action from the beginning. Clare is said to have a way with describing her characters and the detail she puts into the point of view of the main character is amazing. Her best selling eBooks can be downloaded online through many sites. The eBooks were released by Simon & Schuster Digital Sales. If you like drama and relationship problems with a can’t-put-it-down kind of intensity, then give this one a try.

Heaven is for Real. The complete title ‘Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back’ is a great read for the young and old. It tells of a four-year old boy’s parents who find themselves praying for God to save his life. After God answers their prayers, the little boy’s parents realize that something more than surgery saved their son. This true story about the Burpo family will have anyone rethinking what they have ever thought about life after death. This is one of the best eBooks online today for anyone wanting to get a glimpse of what Heaven actually looks like through the eyes of a child. If you do not have a reading device, download this eBook or any eBook to your PC. This title has spent nearly four months on the best seller eBook list on

Bossypants. The best selling eBook ‘Bossypants’ written by Tina Fey has not only been on the best seller eBook list for a mere few days, it has climbed quickly to the number three slot and still rising. ‘Bossypants’ has also received an award for Amazon’s Best Book of the Month for April and an editor’s award, as well. This hilarious laugh-out-loud book will have you wiping tears away from your eyes in a good way. If you have been on Amazon and seen the book review, you will know what I mean. It is the one-line review that stands up to the author/comedian herself. I laughed at that one line so hard I almost shot tea out my nose! Definitely an eBook download worth checking out. By the way, pay close attention to the eBook cover.

Water for Elephants. Sara Gruen has made a big stir with her debut book, Water for Elephants. With over 2,500 hundred reviews just on Amazon alone and an upcoming movie about the book, it is safe to say that Gruen stepped into writing full force. This best selling eBook has a little bit of everything from mystery and romance to history and adventure. The movie is set to star none other than Rob Pattison from the Twilight Saga and will be released April 2011. Pick up the downloadable eBook today and read it before seeing the movie.

Online eBook Downloads

Amazon has a listing of the top best selling eBooks on its site. Although eBook ratings change from day-to-day, the top 100 list gives buyers a chance to see what is hot right now. The list contains books of all types allowing the buyer to choose from some of the best eBooks online today. Of course, you’ll want to check out some of your favorite types of eBooks before leaving the Kindle store.

Due to the popularity of eBooks, more and more great authors are beginning to share their work through these online stores. If you do make a purchase, take some time and give your opinion of the eBook by writing a review I’m sure the author will appreciate it. Not all books are appropriate for all audiences, so be sure to pick books that are suited for you or your loved ones.