Best Romantic Comedies

Romantic Comedies can be fun and let’s face it, sometimes we wish our real life romances would mirror some of them. I have never really been a fan of ‘chick-flicks’ but there are a couple of romantic comedies that did catch my eye over the years. I think most of them are worth watching and mix romance and comedy together in a way that movies these days fail to really do anymore.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin
Steve Carell, named one of the funniest guys in comedy (debatable), stars in this movie where is plays a virgin at the age of 40. There is tons of comedy throughout this movie and it is filled with some of my favorite movie quotes! “Is it true that if you don’t use it, you loose it?” This movie is rated R and is one of the true, really funny romantic comedies.

Knocked Up
Seth Rogan and Katherine Heigl make a perfect team in this romantic comedy about getting pregnant not only before you are ready but with a person you barely know. In all actuality, this happens more than people think. It takes a look at the funny sides of one night stands and pregnancy. This movie is full of hilarious moments and is a perfect movie for you and that special someone if you are just staying in.

Good Luck Chuck
This film stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. It’s about a guy who has a very strange curse. After he sleeps with a woman, the next man she dates, she will marry. It sounds like the perfect ticket; all sex, no strings. You would think that any guy would feel the same and the main character does until he meets a woman he wants to be more than bed buddies with. Trying to hold on to her, he pulls out all the stops and makes himself simply look insane. This movie is hilarious and blends romance through the story in a way that is anything but cheesy.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
This movie is filled with memorable characters all going through a very real problem. The main guy, who is broken-hearted over the break up with his long time girlfriend learns she was cheating on him for a year with the other man. The three of them end up in Hawaii at the same time. He meets another girl, creating a crazy, confusing and quite entertaining love square. One word to describe this movie: FUNNY!

What happens in Vegas
Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz make the best not meant to be couple! They meet in Vegas and, of course, get married while they are insanely drunk. One of them hits the jackpot and since they are married, they are forced to live as man and wife to be able to get their chunk of the money. This movie has great characters and they pull out everything they can think of to get ALL the money. Eventually, they learn there is more there than a one night stand.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
Funny comedy about a guy who changes his ‘nice’ ways to get on top. He ends up meeting a gorgeous actress, played by Megan Fox and later learns she isn’t the one for him and there is another who caught his eye, Kirsten Dunst. This movie has hilarious moments and is anything but cheesy!

The Ugly Truth
Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl are a great, sexy team in this sarcastic romantic comedy about a TV producer and a talk show host that focuses on the ugly side of relationships. This movie had me laughing all the way through and still cracks me up when I watch it!

She’s Out of My League
This movie holds focus on the always inter sting number game. What is your scale on a 1-10. Well this guy is playing that game. He sees himself as a 6 while a girl who is interested in him is labeled a 10. He believes he doesn’t have a chance but she is clearly into him. This movie mixes comedy and quirky characters that will keep you laughing.

It’s a hard thing to find romantic comedies that aren’t all about the cheesy love side of things but I think the movies I have listed do just that.