Best Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

It’s that time of year again, and prom season is definitely upon us. Teenage girls scrape and fight to get the best dress, and it takes me back to my own prom experience: paying $50 for a cheap, casual, wedding-style dress, coming up with my own prom hairstyle and posing begrudgingly for cheesy photos at my friend’s house. A truly magical time, right?

There’s a lot of pressure on young girls to get the right dress, but here’s a little insight: no one really cares about the dress. If you really want to get noticed, focus on your hair. What are some hot prom hairstyles for long hair? Here are three of the best that are sure to get you noticed this prom season!

Braided Chinese bun

For long-haired beauties, the braided bun is one of the easiest, most elegant prom hairstyles. All you need to get started are two elastic bands, a few bobby pins and a decorative hair-stick of your choice. Plait your hair into two ponytails at the back of your neck, close together. Secure each with an elastic band. Slide the hair stick through the top of the braids and then carefully twist the braids around the stick in opposite directions. Secure the ends of your ponytails with a few pins, and voila! You have a fabulous prom hairstyle for your long hair in 10 minutes.

Greek goddess

If the bun wasn’t easy enough for you, try this prom hairstyle on for size. Start by curling your hair into spirals, going in the same direction. Choose a double-banded headband or ribbon and push your hair back into place. Here comes the fun part! Twist the curls in two-inch sections (twist in the direction that the curls go), and then push the twisted section up to the back of your head and secure it with a bobby pin. Don’t be afraid to get messy-this sexy prom hairstyle looks better carefree!

Kim Kardashian waves

Before the dawn of Kim Kardashian (five whole years ago), I used this look for my own prom. Super easy, this socialite-inspired prom hairstyle will grab plenty of attention. Grab a large barreled curling iron-I suggest a two-inch barrel for this look. Divide your hair into two sections-left and right. Now, start curling! Using the large-barreled iron, curl the hair in small sections curling away from your face. Meaning, all the curls on your left side should curl counter-clockwise and those on your right, clockwise. Once you’re curled, take a soft-bristled brush and brush out the curls from underneath your hair. Finish the look by twisting the sections into place with your hands.

While your friends are worrying about their dresses, don’t sweat it. As long as you’ve got a cute, original prom hairstyle under your belt, the prom-battle is already half won!

Chinese braided bun tutorial
Greek goddess tutorial