Best Practice Soccer Fields in Your Area

Best Practice Soccer Fields in Your Area
Southern Soccer Fields
Soccer fields which are located in the State of Florida are designated as Region A, Region B, Region C, and Region D. They encompass the area extending from Ft. Walton Beach in the North to Key West in the South. Within these regions are approximately twenty individual clubs, whose functions and policies, subscribe to an autonomous organization
Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach soccer fields are strategically located to afford adequate practice. Exemplifying their success, is the Ft. Lauderdale Select Youth Soccer Team. By referencing a Youth Soccer Team implicitly the Girls Team and Boys Team are included. In their respective divisions, these teams were successful in their championship games.
Soccer Team Boca
Most intriguing was the philosophy of the coaches, and auxiliary members of the Boca Soccer Team. Along with the physical demands of soccer practices, character building was also emphasized. This mixture would normally be neglected by some organization, solely preoccupied with that next victory. Almost similar to a corporate environment, teamwork among individual players remained an indispensable requirement.
Palm Beach Soccer
Within the City of West Palm Beach, the Palm Beach Soccer Academy, has traditionally promoted Summer Soccer Camps. Where club players enjoy the privilege of being mentored by retired soccer professionals. This unique exposure to international playing styles and tactics, reinforced individual competencies. The hosting venue for these camps was the Northwood University campus, located at 2600 North Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Florida, and the practice times were from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
Team Soccer
The soccer field complex in Ft. Lauderdale has the environment for both professional and recreational players. The latter would frequently hone their skills in rivalry with the State champions. What was noteworthy about the Ft. Lauderdale organization, was their affilation with the local YMCA, and relentless promotion of youth programs. The fall season, from October to February represented the busiest period for soccer at Lockhart Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale.

Women’s Soccer League
The success of the Women’s Soccer League has been unprecedented, considering their recent formation, and numerous challenges. Perseverance was rewarded in the field. The aforementioned complex and participating players, also included representatives from the Women Professional Soccer team. For this club, five years of inactivity compromised neither their skill, nor tenacious disposition.
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