Best Practice Baseball Fields in Upper Darby, Pa

While Upper Darby is a very large township, and field and parks many, there are a few that stand out from the crowd for practicing baseball. These fields are typically used by the youth association when baseball season begins. I believe because of this, these three parks are well maintained. In an area where vandalism and underage drinking and other property crimes is becoming more frequent all the time, it is important to keep in mind where your children will feel safe and secure while practicing baseball. It is also very important that the field is well maintained to avoid injuries such as a twisted or even broken leg due to uneven field or unseen pits on the running surface.

Upper Darby’s Best Recreational Baseball Fields #1
Gillespie Park

Located on North Sycamore Avenue, the neighborhood is Clifton Heights, but it is an Upper Darby maintained park. This has to be one of the prettiest, nicest parks in the area. A great place for practice, especially if you have other children to care for while one is practicing their baseball skills. Gillespie Park is located on Darby Creek in a quiet scenic section of the neighborhood of Clifton Heights otherwise known as Westbrook Park Section. This park has two separate playing fields, both extremely well maintained. It also features a well kept playground that can keep younger siblings busy during practice. The park is open, no fencing except around the baseball fields themselves and has some street parking as well as an area where you can “grass park” your vehicle. Although not locked down, the park is to be used during daylight hours only, there is no night time lighting.

Upper Darby’s Best Recreational Baseball Fields #2
Scullion Field

Scullion Field is also located in the Westbrook Park Section of Clifton Heights within Upper Darby Township, Pa. It is on Whitehall Drive and Gramercy Drive, as the two roads come together. This park has one well maintained baseball field as well as a basketball court, and a small playground. This park is fenced in and has off street parking. This park can be used from sunrise to sunset. Scullion does feature night time lights for use when township youth baseball teams are playing against each other.

Upper Darby’s Best Recreational Baseball Fields #3
Delmar Park

Delmar Park is another area that features two separate playing fields for those in baseball. While this is again well maintained and a great area for practice, it doesn’t feature the type of playground or other things to keep younger ones busy, so I would recommend this practice field to parents whose child practicing is their main focus. There is a large “Free Space” area if you would like to walk during practice or if there are older siblings who would like to run around and get some of that pent up energy out. Delmar Park is located just off of Baltimore Pike in the Clifton Heights area, on Delmar drive. This park is not fenced in but does feature a large parking area and is open sunrise to sunset. This park does not feature night time lights.

In one of the largest townships in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Upper Darby, Pa, there are definitely some gems to be found when searching for baseball practice fields. The best ones seem to be in the Westbrook Park Section of the township.

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