Best Pizza Places in Franklin, Mass.

Franklin is my hometown. It is a town that I am proud to be part of and a town that has great people and great places. Besides my love for my hometown, I also have a strong love for pizza. So, imagine my heartbreak growing up in a desperate search for a great pizza in town, never to find one that is both convenient and delicious. A pizza place is convenient when it delivers or is a quick pick-up. A pizza place is delicious when they makes a mouth-watering pie that stands out from the crowd! Occasionally, you can find a convenient and delicious pizza place. But Franklin does not have this. Don’t get me wrong, Franklin has great pizza but does not fit all the requirements for what makes a pizza place great. Out of the many pizza places in Franklin, two are a bit above the rest.

The runner up for the best pizza place in Franklin, Mass., is…..

Franklin Pizza and Deli.

18 Cottage St.

Franklin, MA 02038

Franklin Pizza and Deli is a good pie and is in a convenient location. Not to take anything away from the pizza, but location and convenience are essential for a pizza place because, let’s face it, when you order a pizza, you are doing so because you don’t feel like cooking or making much effort. They also deliver to all of Franklin, which is a definite perk for those extra lazy nights!

Franklin Pizza and Deli has a pretty standard pie with a little extra crunch. Unlike the average small pizza place, their pies do not get soggy and overloaded with grease. The pizza crust is crunchy with crisped cheese, adding an extra oomph! The cheese is golden and browned, while the dough is crunchy enough for crispness, yet soft enough to stretch with the cheese at every bite. I would also recommend trying the calzones at Franklin Pizza and Deli, especially the Cheese Lover’s Delight. They are to die for.

The winner of the best pizza place in Franklin, Mass., goes to….

The Rome.

4 E. Central St.

Franklin, MA 02038

I am only hesitant to give The Rome this award because it is much more of a dine-in restaurant than a take-out. In fact, I almost feel like I am entering into the kitchen where I should not be when I pick up a pie. I do not like feeling out of place, and picking up take-out from here makes me feel just that. The Rome does not deliver either, which is inconvenient for those who are looking for the simplicity of a pizza dinner.

Tucked in downtown Franklin, The Rome is an adorable Italian restaurant where the food is as perfect as the atmosphere. It is a family owned restaurant that was established in 1965 and remains a staple in the town. I recommend trying just about everything on the menu, especially if it has the phenomenal red sauce. The pasta/pizza sauce is spicy without a real kick and sweet without a real tang. In other words, it is just right. Although I could go on and on about how ridiculously delicious the raviolis are, I will try to wipe my drool and focus solely on the pizza. The buffalo chicken pizza, as well as the chicken ranch pizza, are hits among many. I also find that the white pizza and the tomato garlic bianco are impossible to resist. But, the classic cheese with the red sauce is scrumptious as well. The pizzas come in one size. So if you are feeding two or more, I recommend getting at least two pies. Trust me, you can eat a whole pizza pie from here, no questions asked and no regrets.

If you are looking for a good pizza that is convenient, try Franklin Pizza and Deli. If you are looking for a great pizza and are willing to dine in or pick up, The Rome is where it’s at. Either way, you cannot go wrong with these two great places for pizza.