Best Pizza Place in Foxboro, Massachusetts

Pizza is my life. There is nothing in the world better than sitting down to devour a warm slice of gooey cheese pizza and a Diet Coke. If my children and husband have been driving me crazy and the laundry is piled a mile high, the only way I can calm down is by biting into the perfect combination of cheese and sauce, alongside a crispy, crunchy crust. It is currently 8 a.m, and I have to say that I am now thinking about what I will have for dinner: pizza of course. Because I live in Foxboro, Massachusetts, I have to choose the best place in the area to get it from. Unless, of course, I want to lug my children 30 minutes down the street to pick up a pie, and I don’t.

So, the contenders for the best pizza in the Foxboro area are:

1. Sal’s & Mal’s Pizzeria
8 Wall St.

2. South Street Pizzeria
16 South St.

3. CBS Scene
200 Patriot Place

There is a large variety of pizza. Personally, I am a lover of plain cheese. However, I will occasionally scarf down a pepper and onion. My husband, however, will do a meat-lovers, buffalo chicken or just about anything. Although he could not eat pizza every day of his life, he has come to appreciate my search for great pizza as well. He will often provide me with details and feedback on his meat pizzas (because I am a vegetarian), and this helps me evaluate the pizza from each place on all levels. For instance, South Street Pizzeria has a mediocre cheese pizza. It is your standard-small-pizza-place-pizza. However, it does not get soggy (is still enjoyable as leftovers) and is not overwhelmed by oils and grease. The crust is crunchy, but I do not make noises when eating it. By noises, I mean that I do not moan and groan in pleasure while eating this pizza, which is the best and most honest way for me to evaluate a pizza. Did it make me moan? Although I enjoy South Street, it does not have an that edge.

If you are still considering ordering from South Street, try the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, my husband is annoyingly obsessed with it!

CBS Scene is in Patriot Place. Although it is not the absolute best pizza in Foxboro, it is quite delicious. The pizza options include classic cheese, Margarita, pepperoni, north end sausage, spicy meat, grilled vegetable, Kobe cheeseburger, buffalo chicken, barbecue chicken, shrimp scampi, New England lobster and cheesy potato skin, all cooked in a hearth oven with a thin crust, toasted to perfection. The Margarita pizza is the perfect size and ideal portion of tomato, basil and cheese. Here is the kick: pesto! If you put pesto on my pizza, I am the world’s happiest girl! Not to mention that many places put chunks of sauce on a Margarita pizza, when I prefer thinly sliced tomatoes instead. CBS Scene does it just right! CBS Scene is a restaurant, rather than a small pizza joint, so this is a great place to go if you feel like eating out but also are craving pizza. Or you could get some takeout! What CBS Scene lacks in convenience, it makes up in taste!

And the title of the Best Pizza Place in Foxboro, Massachusetts goes to……
Sal’s and Mal’s.
But Why?
To be the best pizza place, you must stand out (which South Street does not). You must be at a convenient location and available for delivery (which CBS Scene is not). And you must be able to make my tummy insanely full with the realization that it was so worth!
A review:
Sal’s and Mal’s is the largest large pizza I have ever seen! In fact, I gasped when I first saw it, and you could easily feed a family of four with just one. The pizza looks like it came from Italy. The cheese is melted and soft, without any hardness or crisp. So, when you bite into it it stretches and drools from your mouth. Some cheeses break off, and lack the freshness that Sal’s and Mal’s has. The sauce is a bit sweeter than usual but creates a new and exotic flavor that is mouth-watering and savory. The crust has a crunchy outside with a doughy inside. It is in a convenient area and forces me to make absurd noises while eating it. Every single bite of this pizza deserves an ooh and ah because it is just that good.