Best Picnic Spots in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is synonymous with family fun throughout the year, with activities that range from skiing and snowboarding in the winter, to festivals and music in the summer. For my family, sometimes just relaxing on the grass of a local park or hiking in the mountains to work up our appetites is just as much fun. There are many days we pack a quick picnic lunch and while away the afternoon just watching the clouds roll by, after a brisk game of catch, of course. Here is a list of our favorite picnic spots in and around the Salt Lake City valley.

Liberty Park

Liberty Park is one of my all-time favorite picnic locations in Salt Lake City. Not only does it offer a very affordable swimming pool, but it is also home to Tracy Aviary, the Chase Home Folk Art Museum and has plenty of shade trees for those extra bright days. When we picnic at Liberty Park, we take full advantage of the barbeque stations located throughout the park. We pack hot dogs and hamburgers, which we preform and spice up before we leave home. Add chips and some juice and we’re ready to dine in the country, in the middle of the city. Liberty Park is located in the heart of downtown, at 210 East 600 South.

Big Cottonwood Canyon/Lake Blanche

If your family enjoys hiking, Big Cottonwood Canyon’s trailhead to Lake Blanche offers an afternoon of scenery and natural splendor. This is about a 6 mile hike, so I don’t recommend it for younger children, but it is only moderately difficult as far as mountain hikes go. For this trek, we generally pack protein snakes and sandwiches for when we reach the lake. As with any hike, especially when you plan to picnic for a while once you’ve reached your destination, be sure to leave detailed information with family or neighbors before you head out. To find out more about this hike, visit the official Utah website, here.

Downtown Salt Lake City

Picnicking isn’t always about getting out of the city. Sometimes, it’s about cutting costs when we want to stay in the city for some fun and urban excitement. My family often packs a lunch at home and takes the train downtown to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. By doing this, we safe an average of $40 on what we’d normally pay for a lunch at a downtown bistro. There is no rule that says a picnic has to consist of PB and J’s and potato chips either. When we’re going for culture, we generally make up sushi rolls the night before and bring them along in disposal wrappers. Pair it up with seaweed snacks and you have the makings of an eclectic and fun picnic in the city. Our favorite spot is in the center of the Gateway Center or on the lawns of the City County Building.

Sources: Personal experience

Liberty Park/Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

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