Best Picnic Spots in Raleigh & Durham, North Carolina

It is the perfect time of the year to enjoy a meal with Mother Nature. Pack your turkey sandwich, pretzels, nuts, fruit, and water in your picnic basket. Pack your family and friends in the minivan, and head to one of the best spots in Raleigh-Durham that are ideal for picnics.

Blue Jay Point County Park

Blue Jay Point, located in Raleigh, is a great place to enjoy a picnic with family and friends. The park has several areas for picnicking that includes tables for the nontraditional ground sitter. Grills can also be found in the picnic area. The tables are shaded by trees, not shelters, so you can enjoy a little natural light. Anyone is welcome to the tables – they are available on a first come, first serve basis. Family reunions, birthday parties, or any group over 75 persons should call ahead. Blue Jay Point also offers playgrounds, hiking and walking trails, fishing areas, an open play field, and overnight lounge to keep guests active and entertained. The park is located at 3200 Pleasant Union Church Rd.

Durant Nature Park

Enjoy fresh sandwiches, chips, and a cold beverage under Durant Nature Park’s picnic shelters. While you are eating, you may see deer in the woods or in the grassy plains. Durant Nature Park is also known to have many bird species in the area, so pack your digital camera in your picnic basket. Pack healthy foods for your picnic like sandwiches, nuts, pretzels, carrots, apples, and oranges. In this natural setting you’ll want to eat foods that don’t require being heated up. The picnic area is sheltered with restroom facilities. Durant Nature Park is located in Raleigh at 8305 Camp Durant Rd.

Eno River State Park

The Eno River State Park is one of the best places to have a picnic in Durham. The park has two picnic areas in different parts of the park, Few’s Ford and Cole Mill. Few’s Ford picnic area is closest to the parking lot. It has 20 picnic sites of which 10 accommodate handicapped persons. There is also a water fountain and restroom facilities, but I would still pack a cold beverage in a cooler. The Cole Mill picnic area is similar; however, it is located in a wooded area inside the park. This area also has tables, a grill, fireplace, drinking water, restrooms, and handicap accessibility available. Shelters at the Eno River State Park can be reserved for a small fee. If your day does not consist of only picnicking, the Eno River State Park welcomes other activities such as canoeing, camping, hiking, fishing, and learning at educational events. The Eno River State Park is located at 6101 Cole Mill Rd. in Durham.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens offers beautiful picnic scenery on Duke’s campus in Durham, North Carolina. The manicured grounds are covered in beautiful flower beds, gardens, and ponds. No wonder it is referred to as “the crown jewel of Duke University.” This is an ideal picnic and relaxation spot for families with little kids or students showing their parents around Duke’s campus. If you forget to pack a lunch, don’t worry. A sandwich shop is located in the middle of the garden. Sarah P. Duke Gardens is located at 420 Anderson Street in Durham, North Carolina. Be sure to have money for parking meters.