Best Peter Griffin Quotes

Crude, funny, and politically incorrect statements make up the best Peter Griffin quotes. He is the lead character in the animated television show “Family Guy,” which is about an average family and their dog. Peter Griffin may be a husband, and father of three, but he acts like a child and seems to have no conscious. There is never any remorse for his actions, or off colored comments, which is why Peter Griffin quotes can be somewhat shocking and unpredictable.

  1. “We did it with Justin Long didn’t we? America said no but we kept at it!” This Peter Griffin quote is said after Death tells him the human race sent a man to the moon, and created a movie star out of Justin Long. “Family Guy” is never afraid to make fun of celebrities, and here they are making fun of the movie star Justin Long. This Peter Griffin quote is hilarious because he chose to elaborate on how the human race made Justin Long a star rather than sending a man to the moon. It is said during the episode “Friends of Peter G.”
  2. “I want a pet animal that’s half chinchilla and half mink because I could call it “Chink” and that would be ok.” During the episode “Road to the North Pole” Peter Griffin says this off color quote. He always says whatever is on his mind, and even though this Peter Griffin quote is trying to be somewhat political correct, it is rather insulting. It shows how much of a man-child Peter is because the only reason he wants that combination of animals is to be able to say a slang term for the Chinese race and not be judged.
  3. “Holy crap! Who knew we’d run into you, except everyone cause FOX ruined it in the promos.” This Peter Griffin quote shows how from time to time a “Family Guy” character references FOX, the television station they are on. In the episode “The Splendid Source” a road trip to find the world’s dirtiest joke leads Peter, Joe and Quagmire to see the character Cleveland. At this point, Cleveland and his family had acquired a spin-off show and were no longer a part of “Family Guy.” This Peter Griffin quote is poking fun at FOX for ruining the surprise that Cleveland would be making an appearance in this “Family Guy” episode.
  4. “A lot of little things: the way he talks, his mannerisms, and he has the complete DVD set of Sex and the City between his butt cheeks.” This Peter Griffin quote is his response to Lois asking how he knows Quagmire’s dad is gay. episode “Quagmire’s Dad”. In the episode “Quagmire’s Dad” it comes to light that he is in fact gay, and Peter picks up on it before anyone else. Quagmire’s dad did not actually have the “Sex and the City” series between his butt cheeks, but Peter said that in order to be more colorful. This quote is an example of how he says really bold statements and tends to elaborate.
  5. “Good Chris. I’ve taught you well. You have the right instincts. When you were babies, I used to knock you kids out every month or so. Some times by accident. Sometimes when the Patriots lost. You just gotta cover it up and everything works it self out. Meg, this is a list of hats. I need these by 4 o’clock.” In the “Family Guy” episode “Brian Griffin’s House of Payne” Chirs and Meg try to cover up that Stewie fell down a flight of stairs and became unconscious. This Peter Griffin quote is his response to Meg wanted to tell the truth, and Chris wanting to cover it up. This quote shows how Peter has no fatherly instincts, or morals. He does not even care that Stewie is hurt, which should be worrisome, but comes off funny.