Best Paint Colors for Your Kitchen

The Kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the meeting, greeting, entertaining, relaxing, and chatting room. Choosing the best paint color for your kitchen is essential in setting the mood and creating atmosphere. The first step in choosing the right color is to decide whether you want your kitchen to be calming, invigorating or crisp. Color can transform a room, so making the right choice or your kitchen is essential in keeping the heart of your home pumping.

Best Color for Your Kitchen…

….If You Want a Crisp and Clean Look is:
A White kitchen portrays a clean, crisp and very sanitary feeling, which is of course, perfect for a kitchen! After all, who wants to eat in a dirty, overwhelming kitchen? White cabinets, white subway tiles, and white appliances may seem over-done, but with a few pops of color, it can construe just the right vibe. White kitchens are clean and fresh, and can capture a modern or country look easily, depending on accessories and hardware.
*Another bonus of a white kitchen is for resale. White is a clean slate, and will allow any future home-buyer to be able to imagine their own personal touch on the clean, and crisp look of the white.*

….If You Want to Portray an Energetic and Appetizing Atmosphere:
Red is known to be an appetizing and energetic color. If you are an entertainer, red is ideal! This color will enhance appetites, making your guests gobble up your meals, and will keeping them in fun and festive moods! Even if you are not an entertainer, this color, in the heart of your home will set a very energetic mood, and keep you young and vibrant everyday! This stimulating color really is perfect for kitchens!

….If You Want to Remain Classic:
Yellow is a wonderful kitchen color, that has a timeless feel. Yellow is once again a warm color (like red) so will help to increase your appetite, but is calming enough to not feel overpowering. A light yellow is especially nice with white cabinets and appliances, and is complemented nicely by a variety of colors (reds, oranges, blues, and greens), which allows you freedom in your accessories and dinnerware. By choosing a light yellow wall, with green accents, it will display a very natural and organic feel. And when you get tired of the crunchy living, changing the accents to a popping red, will create a whole new kitchen full of life! Yellow is the best kitchen color for anyone trying to remain timeless and free.

….If You Want to Relax:
Green is a cooler color that goes wonderfully in kitchens. Blues and purples are also cool colors to consider when trying to attain a relaxing calm in your kitchen, but green is a color that connects you to nature. Using the color of the great outdoors, indoors, is a wonderful way to promote an organic feel. This also allows you to bring nature inside, by decorating with flowers, and grasses, or perhaps bamboo! A green kitchen goes especially well with brown, cherry or oak cabinets, displaying the color of trees.

What Color Will I Paint My Kitchen? My Personal Preference:
Well, being that I am a recent first-time home-buyer, I am in the process of re-doing my disgustingly out of date kitchen. My kitchen and dining room are connected, and I just painted my dining room a burnt orange. The next step is to paint our cabinets white and our kitchen walls a light yellow. The light yellow and burnt orange will be accented by a nice organic green. I am hoping by using the timeless yellow, the organic green and the toasted orange to create a very homey, and fun family feel, without being too powerful or overly calm. After all, I want to keep my son from eating the cabinets empty and from running mad, and keep my husband from falling asleep at the same time. My advice to you, is to choose the main color base, and then decide which way you want to go- a little loud or a little soft.

Being that the kitchen is the central gathering place of the home, choosing whether you want a vibrant, relaxing, classic or crisp look can really set the feeling of the house as a whole. Do you have an energetic household full of people? a relaxing and quiet home? a clean and sleek home? or an organically crunchy home?