Best Outdoor Summer Events in Sacramento

Between the beautiful weather and the rich culture in Sacramento, California, there is never a shortage of outdoor summer events to attract the whole family. Whether you’re entertaining tots or teenagers, you can find budget-friendly activities that provide education as well as entertainment.

1- Fairytale Town

What child doesn’t go through a phase of fascination with princesses, pirates, or magic? Fairytale Town is a non-profit organization designed to bring fairytales alive for children. In addition to plays, performances, and structured activities, you will also find plenty to do as you wander the park. Kids have fun exploring their favorite fairytale adventures while reading stories, looking at exotic plants, and interacting with animals.

2- McKerricher State Beach

You can fill an afternoon or even stay overnight at McKerricher State Beach, depending on your adventure tolerance. Most exciting for kids may be the opportunity to watch seals cavorting in their natural habitat. The state beach sometimes hosts exciting events, as well, such as whale watching.

3- Public Swim

All kids (and most adults, for that matter) appreciate an opportunity to cool off at the height of summer. So don’t neglect your local community pool during an otherwise uneventful summer day. If you don’t have a neighborhood pool, check out public swim at facilities like Arden Manor.

4- Screen on the Green

Movies are always more fun when viewed in an unusual environment. Visit Screen on the Green during the month of August for free showings of Despicable Me, Shrek Forever After, and more.

5- Southside Park

Sometimes the best summer events are those that allow kids and parents to find their own activities in the same location. Southside Park in downtown Sacramento is a perfect example. There are plenty of kid-friendly activities, from playground equipment to a swimming pool, and Mom can take a nature walk or visit the community garden.

Walk- and Run-a-Thons

There are always lots of charity events taking place in Sacramento in the summer time, which presents the perfect opportunity to get some exercise with the whole family and to teach kids about charitable contributions. Check with your child’s school or a local community center to find out about events in your neighborhood.

Budget-Friendly Summer Activities in Sacramento

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to keep your kids entertained in the summer. Look for events that are free or low-cost but provide some sort of educational benefit.

One of the easiest ways to save money on summer activities is to keep your eyes open for specials. If you don’t want to pay full price for a trip to the Sacramento Zoo or to a theme park, for example, look for coupons and special events.