Best of the Old Western Times

Can you imagine living in the old western time back in history? I know i couldn’t compare to what we have today. Back in the old west They didn’t have electric like we do now. They used candles for lights. They used a outhouse which is a bathroom that was outside away from the buildings or homes. They also had to boil their water for baths. Now days we have bathrooms inside our homes and places.

Woman didn’t have electric or gas stoves. Back then woman stoves had a fire in the stove that would burn wood to keep the stove going. So the woman could make the meals, breads.

Woman and young children would help do the laundry. They wash it all by hand and hang dry the clothes and sheets. Now days we have washer and dryer machine to do the laundry.

In the west transportation was by stagecoach, ride a horse or mule or wagons with horse pulling the wagons to get you where your going. Now days we have cars, trucks, planes, bikes, motorcycles. So many means of transportation compare to the old west back in time.

In the old west they had what is called Pony Express. Is where any young that is 18 yrs old and older could ride a horse and deliver mail all over in the west. Now we have postal service with mail trucks to deliver mail.

Cowboys rode on their horses driving cattle to market in towns all over different areas. Cattle drives rarely went more than ten to twelve miles a day. Then the cattle had to be given rest and to graze. Depending on where cowboys takes the cattle it could take months before they get to the market to make money off the cattle they delivered.

In the old west we had what we call Rangers. Rangers are alot like our policemans we have today. There is some rangers in south and parts of west still.

Unlike today we have people that break the law. In the west they would call them Outlaws. Rangers would post wanted Dead or Alive and who they were. What the crime they did. Anyone would get a outlaw would get a reward whether the outlaw was dead or alive. Most outlaws would either die from gun shot in fight cause they refused to go with anyone to go back to jail to be hang by a rope. Other outlaws would get hang by a rope for their crimes.

Majority of the crimes were robbery on trains, stagecoaches, banks. Some would murder someone which is a crime. Even today those crimes do still exist. Only now when the crimmals do get caught they do go to jail. In some states will still hang or eletric chair them.

Telephone wasn’t invented til the early part of 1880’s. Now we have digital phones and cellphones. So much technology has changed throught the history and times of how we all live. But back in history does make you wonder if you could live like they did. The old west history has so much to tell and alot more than what i have shared. It just interesting to hear facts of things that has happen in history til now.

So grab a book and read about the western times.