Best Music Strores in Westlake, Ohio for All Your Instrument Needs

Two Westlake music stores, Skyline and Westgate, are tied for the best music instrument store in the Cleveland area. They both have particular strengths and a heapin’ helping of character that makes a music store especially fun to visit.

When instruments were introduced in fourth grade, I choose the clarinet. That clarinet took me through elementary school band, through high school and a few years of marching band. I was content with one instrument.

My children on the other hand want to try and master every instrument they can get their hands on. We have my old clarinet that my son plays in elementary school band, a flute, guitars, harp, drum set, bongo drums and a prize ukalele, with more to come. My daughter has her heart set on an electric fiddle and there is a certain bango that is being dreamed about by my oldest son.

Several trips to these music stores through out the year for birthdays, Christmas, Easter and any other holiday they can con me into buying a something that makes noise, makes me a sort of expert. Whether you need a particular instrument, want to browse for a gift, need lessons, or sheet music; be sure to check out the following two stores.

Best Musical Instrument stores in Westlake, both located on Center Ridge Road

Skyline Music

Skyline Music is located in the Dover Village Shopping Center in Westlake. The store itself is an impressive 3000 square feet with 7 lesson studios and repair facilities. They have the merchandise to supply beginners, recreational players, and professional musicians.

Skyline Music Stores
27010 Center Ridge Road
Westlake, OH 44145
(440) 871-4140

Family Fun
Aside from an amazingly well-stocked facility, Skyline offers fun events throughout the year. Kids can participate in music parties, try out instruments and enjoy refreshments and games, for free. Tuesday evenings starting June 14, Skyline will host Front Porch Concerts at 7 p.m.

Used Instruments
Skyline also runs The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation which places donated instruments in the hands of kids and schools in need across the United States. Playing an instrument should not be out of reach for children. Check your storage areas for unwanted instruments. The organization will refurbish and get them back in service.

Westgate Music

Westgate Music endeared itself to me when I had to rent a drum kit for my daughter. While we had a full drum set at home, and a variety of percussion instruments, the school required a student drum kit for lessons. I walked in to this little store and was greeted by a friendly musician who hooked us right up. Not as flashy as Skyline, I like the homey feel of this store and the great people who work there.

Westgate Music offers lessons in all the regular choices; guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, flute and voice

Westgate Music
Westgate Music
23820 Center Ridge Rd
Westlake, OH 44145
(440) 835-0555