Best Movies to Watch on Easter

A devoted movie buff can make any holiday into a marathon of their favorite films. Easter is no different as a plethora of seasonal movies exist to take part! While some fall under the category of religion and Catholicism, other movies are solely meant to entertain fans of the Easter bunny. No matter what side of the fence you’re on, you’ll likely enjoy these top picks for an Easter movie marathon!

“It’s The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown” is a family favorite. Since its release in the 70s, this movie has charmed children and adults alike. Seeing Charlie struggle not only with his bad luck but the pressures of Easter’s arrival is an enjoyable treat even for non-movie fans. The animation is easy on the eyes and the character designs excellently emulate the comic originals. Snoopy excitement for Easter will quickly become contagious as you take in this classic.

For those spurred with religious intent, be sure not to miss Mel Gibson’s “Passion of The Christ.” This unapologetically realistic portrayal of Jesus’ trials and pain will leave you awestruck. It might not inspire you to go search for eggs or gorge yourself on chocolate, but it will leave you counting your blessing and a sense of good.

Families with young children should consider “Easter In Bunnyland” for their marathon. This story of fun, puns, and cute animals will warm cynical hearts and bring laughter to children. It can be a little cheesy in its life lessons and focus on themes of friendship, but it’s otherwise a very enjoyable movie. The animation doesn’t compare to a good Disney film, nor is the plot very complex. Regardless, adolescents won’t notice as they laugh and sing-along.

While not directly Easter related, “My Neighbor Totoro” carries many themes for the season. The titular characters of the film are rabbit like, childhood innocence and wonder are at the core of the film, and family togetherness ties it all together. From the legendary anime director, Hayao Miyazaki, this delightful film is a must see. A small family with a sickly mother has moved into a new house with some strange, but wonderful neighbors hidden nearby. The two daughters of the family are treated to meetings with the ‘friend to children’ magical beast, Totoro, and his friends. You won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling as you see this sweet, surreal world of Totoro.

The upcoming Easter-themed “Hop” could certainly be a worthwhile addition to your marathon. The tension has between the rabbits and chicks has reached a fever- the two will no longer be able to cooperate for the good of Easter if something isn’t done. The heir to the Easter bunny family is missing and someone’s looking to keep it that way. With witty writing, a clever premise, and the excellent pedigree of creators including those responsible for “Despicable Me,” this could be a great animated film.