Best Local Pizza in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles

Sometimes you need the perfect pizza. Maybe you’re a team mom hosting an end-of-season sports party. Or maybe it’s a cold South Bay night and all you want to do is put on some sweats, light a fire and dial the phone for a hot, crusty pizza. Who will you call?

Valentino’s Pizza
Manhattan Beach, El Segundo

This family-owned, Brooklyn-style pizzeria is a South Bay favorite. Reliable Valentino’s is probably best known for its Sicilian-style pizza with a thick, heart-shaped crust. It all starts with the delicious dough, made fresh daily with just the right combination of softness and crunch. New York-style pizza lovers recommend the thin-crust pizza here, too. There is a large menu with pastas, hot and cold sandwiches, soups and salads. Valentino’s has one location in Manhattan Beach and one in El Segundo. Between the two, they serve a large delivery area extending to Redondo Beach and parts of Torrance to the south, and Marina del Rey and Westchester to the north.

Wildflour Boston Pizza
Hermosa Beach

This little shop, owned for decades by an Asian couple, is perhaps best known for its whole wheat crust and spinach salad. The pizza here is better than Domino’s or Pizza Hut but can sometimes seem greasy and not thick enough to support the toppings. The phone and delivery staffs are usually friendly, responsive and quick.

Manhattan Pizzeria
Manhattan Beach

Grabbing a slice and hanging out on the benches in front of Manhattan Pizzeria is a right of passage for local kids, surfers and skaters in Manhattan Beach. The pizza is good, too. Two chefs who specialize in New York-style, thin-crust pizza run this family-owned spot. Manhattan Pizzeria delivers to Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach only. The wait for delivery can be lengthy on weekend nights.

Beach Pizza
Manhattan Beach

This is a cute, eat-in or have-it-delivered pizzeria just steps from the surf. Beach Pizza has been popular for 25 years, making New York-style crispy crust, thin-crust or thick pizzas, with dough made fresh daily. This is California, not New York, so there are vegetarian and low-fat pizza offerings, too, plus appetizers, pastas and salads.

Pedone’s Pizza & Italian Kitchen
Hermosa Beach

Another local favorite, Pedone’s, is often voted “best pizza” in local newspaper polls. They get creative with their pizza toppings, offering Thai chicken, barbecue chicken and buffalo chicken. Stick with the basics like thin-crust pepperoni and cheese and you won’t go wrong. Appetizers include calamari, deep fried cheese and macaroni, and garlic bread puffs.