Best Local Karaoke Bars

If you live in northern Virginia and love to karaoke, you will find you are filled with plenty of bars that provide karaoke. A personal favorite is Broadlands Sports Bar and Grill, where the people are friendly and the selection is wonderful. However, there are also many shows put on by local “Mad DJ” MistaFingaz that are fun to hit as well.

Associated Consultants is a company that runs the vast majority of the shows in Northern Virginia. Some places are better than others, but you know you will always have the same books and song selection from one venue to the next. We have hit the karaoke Mistafingaz hosts at Fast Eddie’s in Chantilly on Sundays, Ned Devine’s in Herndon on Monday and Wednesday evenings, Blue Iguana in Fairfax on Tuesdays, and Sully’s in Chantilly on Thursdays. Mistafingaz is an excellent host as he has a lot of personality and makes you feel welcome. After our first trip, he ensured we were on his list so he could invite us out to other shows, which says a lot because it’s always nice to receive a personal invitation from the host. Our top two from these venues are Fast Eddie’s and Sully’s as both places have a great karaoke crowd where you can intrigue the whole bar into listening while you perform. I found the “toughest crowd” to be Ned Devine’s in Herndon because they also have an outside patio area that the patrons like to go out on, which can leave the bar inside pretty empty when you go up to sing karaoke.

There are people out there that go to a different place every night for karaoke. Some people refer to them as karaoke groupies, but they are a great bunch of people. You get to meet new, fascinating people and make fast friends. There is also the common ground of the love of karaoke and singing that automatically ties you to people you probably wouldn’t have thought you had anything in common with. People come out to frequent these local karaoke bars from 20-25 miles (which can be 45 minutes to an hour drive due to northern Virginia traffic at times) away because of the friendships that have been built, which says a lot for gas prices over $4.00 a gallon.

While we enjoy the shows put on by Mistafingaz, the “Mad DJ,” our favorite karaoke bar is Broadlands Sports Bar and Grill. You are welcomed by the bar staff upon arrival and want to break out and sing the Cheers theme song almost immediately. The DJ is also very friendly and outgoing, which makes the karaoke show itself more enjoyable. After just our first visit, the bartenders and the DJ knew our names and were inviting us back out to the next karaoke show. I also had never had the pleasure of seeing the bartenders get involved in karaoke at other bars, but one of our favorites at Broadlands sings his song while he pours your drinks. A lot goes to say for a place that goes all out to try and make you feel welcome from the second you arrive until the second you leave. Keep up the good service!