Best Local Amusement & Theme Park in Lake George, New York

No matter what whenever I take my family to the Great Escape I know everyone of every age is going to have the time of their life. We always get a season pass. The savings is ideal for us seeing as we are local. I wouldn’t recommend it if your form out of sate and plan on just a day visit. But there are discounts available for larger group you could unitize. They have a few options besides the season pass and even different ways to pay. If you order your tickets online you save as well. You can print them from home and save around ten dollars off admission. The only drawback I know of is the fact that you have to pay for parking. Granted you know you’ll find a spot to park but the cost of food and admission should be enough.

Every time we go we make it a point to stop at our favorite ride first. The rides at Great Escape are classified in to four groups. Thrill rides, Kids rides, Family rides, and the water park, better known as Splashwater Kingdom. Our favorite ride is under the thrill ride heading. The Sasquatch is a drop ride with two 19-story steel towers. You’ll be shot to the top in less than three seconds. But that really depends on what tower you sat at. On shots you up and the other drops you down with 2 G-force. I love hearing the screams and having the feeling of weightlessness as your being taken for a ride. This ride is highly recommend but not for those with week stomach or a bad heart. But after we had our fun here we head for the Comet, one of the top wooden coasters in the world. We love the ride but more than that we love the history of the wooden beast. The Comet was Rescued from the scrap heap and re-opened in 1994 at the Great Escape. Its original home was Crystal Beach, Ontario. Best yet our Comet was on MTV’s Road Rules and listed as one of the top ten rides. This ride is a must see.

All I can’ really talk about is the thrill rides. That’s what my family truly enjoys. But there are so many things to see and do at the Great Escape. It has great entertainment, great food, and fabulous attractions for every age group. The fun goes on and on all the way to the end of the season. That’s when you can enjoy October-Fest. It’s a ton of fun. The beer, food, and entertainment are beyond great. But, my over-all favorite thing about The Great Escape is Fright-Fest. They built a Haunted House specifically for this and they have make-up artists come in and do and unbelievable job with Characters. The park gets made over form end to end and they have special attractions for this event. It’s truly a frightening good time.