Best, Healthiest Yogurt

What mystifies me about Americans is why so many of them have not yet discovered the joys and health benefits of eating yogurt. Perhaps a part of the problem is that there are so many different brands and kinds of yogurt on grocery store shelves. In our time of a serious epidemic of overweight and obesity plaguing Americans that is adding considerably to the national cost of health care it is important to recognize that just a few yogurts offer excellent dietary advantages. After years of trying different yogurts I have found the absolute best, healthiest yogurt.

This phenomenal food product is the Fage Total 0% Yogurt. I have seen it in every grocery store I have visited in recent months.

The first thing to know about this Fage product is that it is a genuine Greek strained yogurt. It is made in the US by an authentic, very large Greek company with a long history of making fine yogurt products. It is still family run.

This Greek manufacturing method means it is thicker than the many ordinary, commercial yogurts that are advertised endlessly. You will be amazed how thick this yogurt is, better even than the best sour creams.

What makes this Fage product even more amazing is that it has no fat content, yet tastes incredible rich and delicious, without any of the many additives that so many more recognized yogurts have. Unlike so many high calorie yogurts, this Fage product has no added sugar, which means low calories.

There is no cholesterol either and the sodium content is very low.

All this results because this yogurt is made from skimmed milk and nothing else except three live active yogurt cultures, which means it is has the often hyped benefit of many yogurts, namely promoting intestinal health and bowel regularity.

I can’t emphasize enough that this yogurt has a delicious taste.

One thing I have experimented with that all users should also do is discovering ways of eating the yogurt other than just by itself or, typically, mixing it with cut fresh fruit. It is so thick that it can be added to all kinds of food dishes, replacing sour cream, cheese and salad dressings. You should also experiment with mixing some of your favorite foods with this yogurt, especially high fiber ones.

Here are two more important dietary benefits. It has incredibly high protein content as well as a high calcium level. Because of the zero fat content it has just 130 calories for a one cup serving. But let me emphasize something that the data does not reveal. This yogurt is so thick that it is far more filling than almost anything else you can eat.

If you are health conscious and appreciate a great food, then make it a priority to try a tub of Fage Total 0% Yogurt immediately. It may appear at first to be a little more expensive than some of the most advertised yogurts, but trust me it is worth every penny you pay.

Just one word of caution. Fage also makes a few other types of yogurt that contain relatively high fat content. If you are trying to maintain a health body weight, then I strongly urge you sticking with the zero fat content yogurt made by Fage. There is nothing healthy about dairy fat, because it is just another form of animal fat that has the potential to contribute to cardiovascular health problems.

Enjoy your yogurt experience.