Best Gym Wear for Women

Summer is approaching and it’s time to work on that beach body (if you haven’t started already). Aside from the general fear many people have for fitness gyms, deciding what would be the proper attire fuels the terror. But don’t fret, there is a ton of great workout gear available depending on the exercise you perform, ranging from aerodynamic swimsuits to ergonomic spinning shoes. Check out the suggestions below for the most popular gym exercises:


The whole purpose of yoga is to stretch and relax. You can’t do that with restrictive fabrics. Soft cotton-spandex blends are great because it stretches and twists with you into your deepest poses. Camisoles and tank tops are best, and enable you to make extended arm movements. Grip-bottomed socks are also essential for your workout to prohibit sliding on your mat, making it easier to keep your pose.

Great yoga gear to try:

Top: Dream Bra Top by Title Nine, $52 (sports bra built in!)

Bottom: Yoga Capri by Kickbooty, $54

Yoga Grip Socks: No Slip Yoga Socks by Gaiam, $19.98 (two pair)


Spinning or cycling is one of the most intensive workouts one can do. You’d want to stay supported throughout your workout, and most importantly, not have your clothing snag on the bike pedals! Close-fitting shorts, like bike shorts, and tops are perfect for spinning. There are also special shoes specifically designed for spinning so you can comfortably fit your feet in the pedal strap. Some spinning shoes also come with screws to connect to the pedal itself.

Great spinning gear to try:

Sports Bra: Maximum Control Extreme Control No Wire Sports Bra by Anita, $66

Top: Fit Double Contrast Tank by Gap, 39.95

Bottom: Women’s Cotton Lycra Bike Short 7″ by Danskin, $18.50

Spinning shoes: Shimano SH-WF23, $100


The best workout clothing keeps you as dry as possible and allows you to move. This is really needed when doing aerobics and using cardio machines at your fitness gym. Also, a great pair of running shoes with good traction control and arch support is essential for all aerobics/cardio exercises, whether you’re sweating to Zumba or running on the treadmill. Nike’s Nike+ sneaker line offers a great variety of sneakers ranging from lightweight to stability. You can also buy the Nike+ Sportband, $59 (includes band and Nike+ Sensor) to track every step you make from the start of your workout to the end. You would need to register free on, upload your workout by connecting your sport band to your computer, set goals and track your progress!

Great aerobics/cardio workout gear to try:

Sports Bra: Maximum Control COOLMAX® Underwire Sports Bra by Lunaire, $34

Top: Women’s UA HeartGear Fitted Base Racerback by Under Armour, $29.99

Bottom: C9 by Champion Running Knee Tight, $21.99

Running shoes: Nike LunarFly+2 Breathe Woman’s Running Shoe, $80


Not many gyms have swimming pools, but for those that do, members must abide by strict policies to use them. Swimming pools can be a breeding ground for bacteria (especially the kind that causes athlete’s foot), so it’s imperative to bring a pair of flip flops or special water shoes with you for the pool platform. Also, most, if not all, gyms require that their members wear swim caps. They’re very cheap and come in a variety of materials, ranging from silicon to neoprene. No slip swimsuits with back straps are best when doing laps around the pool; you’ll stay comfortable and won’t have to adjust yourself so much.

Great swim gear to try:

Bathing Suit: Aqualast Conservative Poly-X Back Suit by Kiefer, $38.95

Swim Cap: Lycra Swim Cap by Speedo, $6.95

Goggles: Antifog S2 Goggle by Sproti, $9.95

Swim Shoes: Spinner Moc by Columbia, $34.90