Best Greek Food in Plano

Plano is not a very large area, but with its diverse mix of people, it has a very wide variety of ethnic foods. I enjoy finding new restaurants and trying foods of different cultures, and through my many culinary adventures I fell in love with Greek food. Unfortunately, there are not too many Greek restaurants in Plano. I have been to the main two of them, Zorba’s and Kostas. This article will be a description of them as well as a comparison.

Zorba’s Greek Cafe is my personal favorite. If you have seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” you probably remember that the family’s restaurant was called “Dancing Zorba’s”. I am not sure if there is any connection between this places name and the movie, but there may very well be, judging by the movie poster right inside the door.

Anyway, when you walk into the place, you are greeted with vibrant decorations and friendly staff. The decorations may be a bit tacky if you are looking for a more serious atmosphere, however. I would recommend Zorba’s for a nice but casual family outing, not a formal occasion.

I think that the food at Zorba’s is very good, but I have never been to Greece, and have never had true Greek food. The thing with food in general is that I know when something tastes good to me, an American who has tried a lot of different entrees at a lot of different places. So, while it may not meet a native Grecian’s expectation, for my palette it is quite enjoyable.

The prices are moderate, probably not much more pricy than going to a T.G.I.Friday’s, and the portions are fairly large. I recommend the Dolmades, Saganaki, and Spanikopita appetizers. The Avgolemono soup is also very good. The desserts are also excellent, especially the Baklava Cheesecake. Also, many entrees come with the ‘Greek potatoes’, those are a must-try. They are savory and taste a bit of lemon, they are absolutely amazing.

The main problem with Zorba’s is that it gets very crowded on Friday night and then again on Saturday. Once I waited for about two hours for a table for two. Other than that, I think it is a great place to go.

Kostas Cafe is also a nice Greek restaurant. Although it may not look like anything from the outside, it is a bit more upscale than Zorba’s. The prices show it, and the place is usually very quiet with only two to four of the other tables filled. I have not been to Kostas during a Friday or Saturday night dinner time, so I don’t know how crowded it gets around those times. Most likely it’s significantly less crowded than Zorba’s on those nights.

In addition to their dinner service, Kostas also serves lunch, the menu of which features most of the dishes served at dinner but at lower prices and of smaller portions.

I would recommend the Dolmades here, they are a little bit better than those at Zorba’s. However, the Spanikopita is not as flavorful. I like the stronger Feta, so I prefer Zorba’s. If you are not such fan of strong feta, go with the ones from Kostas.

There really is not that much to say about Kostas. They have three locations total, I believe. The food is fairly good, but considering the price and comparing its quality to Zorba’s, Zorba’s is the better value.

But still, if you are looking for a less crowded and more formal environment, then Kostas Cafe is your best bet.