Best Gardening Blogs

Whether you are starting a vegetable garden, learning to grow flowers, or just want to live vicariously through people that do, gardening blogs are a great way to learn about different growing techniques, see what others are doing, and get ideas. Here is my list of the top 10 best gardening blogs.

Annie’s Kitchen Garden
I have been following Granny’s gardening blog for a couple of years now. It’s author, Annie’s Granny, details her gardening as she goes between Washington State and Arizona throughout the year. Granny’s blog is one of the 10 best gardening blogs list because she loads her blog entries with photographs, and details her plants from start to finish. And, as an avid vegetable gardener, my favorite blogs are the ones where veggies are grown.

Our Engineered Garden
The folks over at Our Engineered Garden are one of the best gardening blogs because they are one of the few blogs that showcase DIY self-watering containers. Modeled after the Earthbox, self-watering containers are usually made out of 5-gallon buckets or plastic storage totes. Sometimes people get more creative, and use all sorts of containers for their SWCs, like the kitty litter buckets that Our Engineered Garden employs. Our Engineered Garden also grows plants in raised beds, using the square foot gardening method, and some other containers. Since I, too, use a variety of growing methods, the Engineered Garden is one of my favorites.

Urban Veggie Garden Blog
Dan is a Canadian gardener, who also brews his own beer! My favorite thing about this blog is that Dan is a young guy, in his twenties, and is growing a garden in the city. How many 20-something aged men do you know that not only do that, but tell the world about it? Growing everything from peas to potatoes, The Urban Veggie Garden Blog is great for the younger crowd, who may not have figured out just yet that gardening is cool!

Daughter of the Soil
Written by Rebsie Fairholm, a British musician, Daughter of the Soil explores amateur plant breeding. While I am not to the point where I’m ready to attempt to breed my own hybrid plants, it’s fun to read (and see the beautiful photos) about Rebsie’s experiences in doing so. I found her blog while doing a search about Rootrainers, and haven’t stopped reading since. While the climate in the UK can be vastly different than in the U.S., it’s still good to get ideas and read about experiences of other gardeners around the world.

Tiny Farm Blog
While not updated nearly as much as some of the other blogs on the Best Gardening Blog list, this blog shows microfarming methods on a working farm in Canada. Most of the veggies (that the Tiny Farm Blog folks sell at market) are grown on about two acres of land. You’d be surprised at exactly how much can be grown on such little land!

This Garden Is Illegal
The reason This Garden Is Illegal is one of the best gardening blogs for you to visit is for it’s tomato reviews. Each year, a thorough review of the tomatoes that are grown in her garden is posted on the blog, reviewing not just the plant itself, but, maybe more importantly, the taste of the actual tomato. Even though tomato tastes vary from person to person, it’s still a good thing to check out when deciding amongst tomatoes to plant the following season.

Daphne’s Dandelions
Daphne’s blog is linked to every week by garden bloggers across the country, sharing what they have harvested on Harvest Monday. Luckily for us, that’s not the only thing great about her blog. She not only shows us what she’s growing and how she’s growing it, but also the meals she makes with the veggies grown in her garden. Yes, there’s more to gardens than just salads!

Skippy’s Vegetable Garden
Kathy’s been blogging about her gardening since 2006, at Skippy’s Vegetable Garden, named after her dog. With both a backyard garden and a plot in a community garden, Kathy shares her plans, seed starting, and progress throughout the gardening season. Her blog was even chosen as one of Horticulture Magazine’s top blogs of 2011.

Northwest Edible Life
I found this blog during the big Dervaes Urban Homesteading trademark meltdown, and after reading the first few entries I came across, I immediately subscribed in my blog reader. Erica not only shows us her garden, but also blogs some recipes, and has recently gotten some chickens. The blog is a new one, but Erica has been great at keeping it updated, posting great pictures, and providing solid information.

Seventh Street Cottage
While I tend to stick to vegetable garden blogs, since that is the bulk of what I grow, I found Tom’s blog, Seventh Street Cottage, while learning about winter sowing on the forums. Tom wintersows tons of seeds each year, and shows us how they look every step of the way. He also uses rooting and cutting methods to propagate beautiful flowers to plant in his cottage garden.