Best Free Dinosaur Worksheets for Elementary, Homeschool, and Preschool Students

Get a head start with your Dinosaur unit planning with these Dinosaur worksheets that are appropriate for elementary, preschool, and homeschool students. All of these worksheets are on websites that provide free worksheets and other resources for teachers and classrooms.

For a dinosaur themed lesson plan, click here .

Free DinosaurWorksheets and Printables from is a website for teachers that provides many printable worksheets and other resources for free for teachers. There are also other printables available for members only, but most teachers are able to find quite a few worksheets for their classrooms. Dinosaur worksheets on this page include: dinosaur coloring pages, word puzzles, and more with a Dinosaur theme. To access all of these free resources, click here.’s Collection of Free Dinosaur Worksheets has a series of well made Dinosaur Worksheets including vocabulary, crossword, word searches, and simple color and cut crafts. To access these free worksheets, click here.’s Collection of Dinosaur Worksheets and Printables collects printable resources and activities from across the web and places links on a single page. Their Dinosaur page includes Dinosaur themed reading comprehension pages, vocabulary and spelling activities and quizzes, word puzzles, graphic organizers and more. To see Teach-Nology’s Dinosaur site with its free worksheets and printables, click here.

Customize your own Dinosaur Worksheets and Printables

If you can’t find the worksheet you are looking for, has free worksheet and printable generators where you can also select from Dinosaur and Prehisotric themed clip art to decorate your page. On this site teachers can create Dinosaur themed handwriting, reading, matching, vocabulary, and spelling worksheets. Teacher can also create Dinosaur themed crosswords, word searches, bingo cards, mazes, and board games. To access the this site, click here.

Another site where teachers can create their own free Dinosaur worksheets for elementary students is on’s Puzzlemaker Site. Using Puzzlemaker, teachers can create crossword puzzles (criss cross), word searches, hidden message puzzles, cryptograms, math squares, and more. All puzzles can be adapted to different ability levels. To access Puzzlemaker, click here.

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