Best Free Android Office Apps

For those looking to use their Android as a portable office, here are some recommended free apps for doing business on the go.

Scan to PDF
Capture images of even multi-page documents and then scan them into PDF files. While the quality isn’t as good as one would get with a scanner attached to a laptop, one can produce readable files of news clips, book excerpts, documents and other items, thus reducing the need to carry around extra books, copies and other items that can lug one down.

Astrid Task
Create tasks, make timelines and create reminders of upcoming calendar items and tasks to keep oneself on schedule. Syncs to Google Tasks so can synchronize with Google calendar and tasks on computer.

This application allows one to use their Android phone as a modem. Invaluable for those times when you need to use the laptop and there are no wi-fi connections available. Check with provider to ensure that you have the right plan in place to use this program.

Skype anyone in the Skype network for free, as well as placing very inexpensive international calls to landline and cell phones.

Drop Box
Place any needed files from one’s computer in the dropbox and they can be easily retrieved on the Android. Also, if receive files while traveling, putting them in the dropbox can enable others to access them as need be.

Olive Office
View and edit Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft PowerPoint files. Also, can view PDF files with this application. Also, can use this app to easily access files files place the Drop Box or on Google Docs.

Jota Text E
Free text editor that can be very helpful if one needs to edit long text files.

Capture ideas via text, images, and locations and then sync and backup to Also, email notes to [email protected] and they appear in notepad automatically.

HP ePrints
This app allows one to print from one’s Android at public print locations. Use this app to search for HP eprint locations and service providers which are located mostly in the US and UK.

Camcard Lite
Scan business cards directly into ones’ Android with Camcard Lite thus preventing one from having to cart around stacks of cards collected from various networking events.

Chrome to Google
Share links, maps, text and currently shared phone numbers between one’s computer running chrome and one’s Android. In order to use this function, the Chrome Browser extension needs to be installed on the computer.

All apps can be downloaded via Android Market.