Best Foods/Drinks to Bring to a Baseball Game

Baseball games were always a major part of our lives when I was growing up. My sister is a huge baseball fan and a fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix, Arizona, as often as we could you could find us at one of their games. Not only did we attend pro-baseball games we would always go to the high school baseball games in our home town. The foods we would bring with us I consider traditional baseball game food items.

1. Sunflower Seeds

Now I know sunflower seeds are not technically considered a food but in my book they rank as a great baseball game food. Our first stop on the way to baseball games was the store to purchase some seeds to snack on at the games we were attending. There are several different brands we would purchase first if the store sold them; they were Frito Lay, David and Spitz brands. In the Frito Lay and Spitz seeds we would normally just purchase the original flavored seeds. In the David brand seeds we would buy original, ranch or bar-b-que flavored sunflower seeds. When we purchase our sunflower seeds we always buy some type of paper cup or something like that to spit our shells from the seeds into so that we don’t make a huge mess on the ground for any maintenance personnel to clean up after the games.

2. Hot Dogs and Potato Chips

Hot Dogs are another traditional food item to bring to a baseball game. The best way to bring hot dogs to the baseball game you are attending is to cook your hot dogs ahead of time and prepare them ahead of time. The best way to do this is grill your hot dogs or boil them, then place them in your hot dog bun, add any additional condiments that you would want and wrap them in foil to keep warm until you are ready to eat them at the game! Most Pro-baseball games will not allow you to bring your own food into the ball park but they also have hot dogs for purchase at the games. A great side for hot dogs is a bag of potato chips. My favorites are normally sour cream and onion chips or bar-b-que chips.

3. Gatorade

Gatorade is one of my favorite sports drinks to take to a baseball game. It not only tastes good but keeps you hydrated at the same time as well. My all time favorite flavors to purchase are lemon-lime, grape, orange or riptide rush. You can keep your Gatorade cold by filling a cooler with ice and setting them in there before the game.

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