Best Fitness and Weight Loss Apps


I find this app great because it’s catered directly to you. You put in your basic information (gender, age etc) and then your weight, and the weight you’d like to be and within how many weeks or so. It then sets a calorie limit. This will show you how many calories you can eat a day while still accomplishing your goal. After each meal or snack you find the food (or something close to it) and set how much you ate. It’ll then calculate how many calories you have left for the day. And if you go over your limit you’ll feel guilty and vow to do better the next day, trust me.

You also input any amount of exercise you did that day, anything from playing an instrument to vacuuming or racquetball. And depending on how exerting the exercise, you thus get a few more calories to eat that day. You can also set your own foods (if you know how many calories are in them or the ingredients). I find this to be a very helpful app for anyone who has major or minor weight loss, even those who just want to monitor what they eat.

Ab Workout

If you’re looking to build a six-pack or just tighten up your muscles in your stomach area, this is a great free app for that specific area. It gives step-by-step instructional videos on how to perform the exercises as well as how many reps and so forth. It has a clean lay out and is easy to use. It offers 12+ exercises that can also work your arm muscles. You can choose individual exercises or have a complete workout that lasts anywhere from 5-10 minutes. I find myself quite happy with the results of this app.

Nike Training Camp

Coming from Nike I’d expect this app to be elite. And it is, in my opinion. It gives you full 30-45 minute workouts as well as quick 15-minute tone ups. With full instructional videos on 90+ drills that focus on cardio, core, strength and interval training it quickly became one of my favorite apps. It thoroughly covers how to do each exercise and keeps you motivated during the workout. You can work out to your own music and playlists unlike a lot of other apps.

And it’s never too hard. You can select your own levels and fitness goals, and then they’ll narrow down the workouts to ones that are most prevalent to your goals and present wants.

If you work out hard enough, and you have good progress you gain rewards, which unlock other workouts from trained athletes. From there you can share your great progress and results with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.