Best Family Restaurant in Chattanooga, TN – The City Cafe’

City Café has two locations in Chattanooga. One is right downtown, and the other one is on the eastern side of Chattanooga. I have only been to the City Café on Lee Highway, just off I-75, on Chattanooga’s eastern edge, so I recommend that particular restaurant. One visit was enough to convince me that it is the best place to eat in town. I have been back several times since, loved the food, and dining experience each time. When it comes to the City Café, the vast menu is fabulous, the staff is friendly and the food is superb.

This City Café is inside the Best Western Heritage Inn on the corner of Lee Highway and Bonnie Oaks. The parking lot is usually full at the front, but behind the hotel is a roomy parking lot. For those who do park in the back, the restaurant in the middle of the hotel can be accessed from the rear of the L-shaped building.

Cake Display

From either the front or back door guests wait to be seated. The dining area is often quite full, especially during regular mealtimes, but the hosts seem to find a table or a comfortable booth for me each time I come. Usually, family or friends accompany me. One of the most spectacular sites in the dining room is the cake display. A local bakery makes the fresh and wonderfully decorated cakes. Strawberry cheesecake as well as other cheesecakes and cakes of all kinds, like red velvet, German chocolate, Coca Cola cake and many more are in the showcase waiting someone to order a piece or take one home. Guests can take home the entire cake if they wish.

The Menu

The six or eight pages of menu are filled with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The City Café is open 24/7 and guests can order any meal at any time of day or night. For breakfast, the menu has a good selection of omelets, combination meals and more. Lunch items include such as Greek wrapped sandwiches, many deli type sandwiches, and a wide variety of salads and soups. Then, the dinner menu is huge, offering steaks, chicken and seafood. Classic American cooking and international favorites are all included in City Café’s menu. A kids section, a good selection of drinks and deserts are included.

The Dining Experience

From the time I enter the relaxed, home-style atmosphere of the City Café, I anticipate the delicious food I will soon enjoy. The servers are friendly and helpful. Timely drinks, bread and butter help pass the time as well as the current sports on the TV. Time passes quickly while the orders are being prepared. Since I am usually with family or friends, we do not mind the wait while we have a chance to sit back and chat together.

The food always meets or exceeds my expectations. Always cooked and seasoned to perfection, the ample portions are delicious. I enjoy the food, but if I order more than just side items, I cannot eat all I am given in one sitting. The amount of one menu item is enough for two people so two could share an item, or I just plan to have some great leftovers to take home in a box for another meal.

If I do decide to take a piece of cake home from one of the fabulous cakes in the display, the slices are generously large. Cake is moist and my favorite cheesecake is definitely one of the best I have ever tasted. I never have room after eating a full meal at the restaurant to eat desert, but the cake is a nice treat to take home to enjoy later.

When you are traveling around the east side of Chattanooga on I-75, stop in at the City Café.