Best Family Friendly Sporting Events in Phoenix

Nothing says summer like a ballpark hotdog or plate of nachos and a couple hours of cheering for your favorite team. Of course, some sporting events aren’t appropriate for the little ones, so it takes some research to find family friendly sporting events in Phoenix. Here are a few you might want to consider this summer.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Post-Game Fireworks

This season, the Arizona Diamondbacks have several dates reserved for post-game fireworks at Chase Field. You can see the light shows on June 3, July 22, August 5, August 12, and August 26. Kids typically love baseball games, but the added treat at the end makes it even more special.

Keep in mind that fireworks games can run late and that traffic can be a problem upon leaving. When I attend special game nights like this one, I always try to herd my family out the door just prior to the end of the show. That way we get to our car quicker and can get back on the road before bottlenecks form.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Free Giveaways

There are other family-friendly events at Chase Field throughout the season, particularly toward the end of the summer. Phoenix residents might have fun taking their kids to the free giveaway games, where children under the age of 12 can walk away with free lunch boxes, backpacks, and other goodies to prepare them for the school year.

In most cases, free giveaways by the Arizona Diamondbacks are offered to the first 5,000 kids through the door who meet the age requirements. If you aren’t able to snag free stuff, you can always purchase similar items through official merchandise stores.

Firebird Raceway

Families with a need for speed can have lots of fun at Firebird International Raceway near Phoenix in Chandler, Arizona. Kids 12 and under get free admission, and the regular drag-and-drift promotions always draw a big crowd. In addition to watching the drag races, families can enjoy good food and get to know their neighbors.

Phoenix Mercury: Daddy’s Date Night

There is no reason why you have to attend male-dominated sporting events in Phoenix. Daddy’s Date Nights at Phoenix Mercury games are loads of fun and inexpensive to boot. Dads (or other male parental figures) take their daughters to see the ladies show off their game, and get t-shirts and food to go along with their tickets. This is also an opportunity to see the Hip Hop Squad perform, which is always a crowd-pleaser for kids.

All family members can enjoy this promotion, however, including mothers and sons.