Best Events at Public Swimming Pools in Houston, Texas

Around the suburbs of Houston, many housing authorities in subdivisions have pools that are free to use for residents, as do most apartment complexes. If you know someone in a subdivision or apartment with a recreation center and pool, make plans for a visit and take a dip in the pool.

Even if you don’t know someone with a pool, or if your kids want to hang out with their friends at a public pool, that should be easy enough to do in Houston, with nearly forty public swimming pools and nearly twenty splash parks. There are some pools in the Houston area, though, that are a bit better than others, and this article explores those and some of the fun events being held at those pools for the summer. To find a listing of all the public pools specifically in Houston, visit the City of Houston’s website and look at the Parks & Recreation heading, under ‘aquatics’.

Metropolitan Multi-Service Center Aquatics

Because I use a wheelchair, I am observant of venues and recreation that is wheelchair-friendly. Houston has an awesome park and recreation center just for those with disabilities, from mobility to hearing impairments and visual impairments and more.

For children and adults with disabilities or who require additional assistance while swimming, the MMSC pool offers an indoor heated pool with mobility assistance and a friendly and trained staff to help. There are ‘tables’ inside the pool for those who need extra support but want to move around in the pool and there are lift chairs that lower into the pool for those who need them. This is a public pool and a public park, but due to safety reasons, they can turn folks away if the pool fills to capacity.

Location: 1475 West Gray, Houston, TX 77019
Price: Depends on what you do there. Visit website for more information.

Mary Jo Peckham Community Center Pool and Workout Room

If you’re looking for some structure, an indoor pool without worrying about getting burned, and you’d like other options while at the pool such as a workout room or structured swimming classes or events, then this is the pool for you, especially if you’re near Katy. This is an accessible pool as well, but they do require reservations before you can swim and they prefer reservations be made in person rather than over the phone or online via email. (

Location: 5597 Gardenia Lane, Katy, Texas 77493

The League City Public Swimming Pool

On the first weekend the pool opens (usually the last weekend of May), everyone can swim for free. League City’s public pool requires tickets purchased or to purchase a Pool Pass. Pool Passes cost $10, and then each person can swim an unlimited number of times during that season without having to pay again. Tickets are $2 per adult and $1.50 per kid for residents. Nonresidents have different rates, so if you live in another burb or in Houston proper, it will cost just a little bit more, but the pool is nice and usually isn’t as busy as some of the inner-city pools. Visit their website.

Houston Area Spraygrounds

If the pool isn’t in your plans or you can’t afford the nominal fee or annual fee, the Houston spraygrounds are another option for your kids to have cool summer-time water fun. These spraygrounds include tubes and hoses and water coming up from the ground, fountains and sprinklers all intended to play in and get wet and have fun. Located at nearly twenty Houston parks, the spraygrounds are a great alternative to the pool.

All Houston-area pools open for the summer season on Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy your summer soaking up the sun at the Houston public pools and spraygrounds. Don’t forget to wear your sunblock. If you’re looking to pre-tan a little before heading to the pool, this article on sunless tanners might help you get that base and glow going without overdoing it in the damaging sun. Have fun!