Best Destination Wedding Planning Resources on the Internet

The decision to have a destination wedding may be a fairly easy decision for some couples, but when it comes to the actual planning process, they may find that things are not so easy. Couples looking to have a traditional wedding can browse the internet and scour bookstores for information to help with planning their wedding and find themselves with a plethora of information. Unfortunately, destination wedding brides do not tend to have the same luck because most website that offers advice are really trying to push their own services and the opinions are biased.

Planning a destination wedding and a traditional wedding have their similarities, but ultimately, information like the “Importance of Save The Dates for a Destination Wedding” may be hard to come by. So, to help ease the stress of finding valuable resources for planning a destination wedding, here are some of the best tried and true internet resources to aid with planning.

Best Destination Wedding Forum

The Best Destination Wedding Forum should be the first stop for anyone planning a destination wedding. The site, which was created by a former bride when she was planning her own wedding, is full of details, facts, and advice from other brides who are planning their nuptials at locations around the world.

On the site, contributors are not afraid to dish the dirt, be it good, bad, or ugly on hotels, ceremony locations, caterers, photographers, etc., which can be invaluable when looking to book locations and vendors in a place that is unfamiliar.

Also, on the site, members can find advice regarding do-it-yourself projects, etiquette, scheduling, timelines, and so much more that is not currently found in any one book about destination weddings.

The Knot Forums

The forums at The Knot are very similar to the ones at the Best Destination Wedding website. Information regarding weddings is broken up by location and other categories. Many locations that are available are more obscure and perhaps less popular wedding locations amongst the destination wedding crowd like Kentucky and Arkansas.

Ultimate Destination Weddings Blog

This blog was created by a couple several years ago when they were planning their own wedding. They started the site because as they were planning, they found that many of the internet resources that were available were written by people trying to hawk their services. So, to help future planners, the site is regularly updated with tips, location reviews, industry interview, and more to help plan the perfect wedding.

Planning a destination wedding can be extremely stressful, especially without any help, but, by using these resources, a support system can be found as well as tons of invaluable advice to make planning a breeze.