Best Booty Contest: 103 JAMZ

One of Norfolk, Virginia’s hottest Radio Stations, 103 JAMZ, is putting on a VA’s Best Booty Contest. Now, don’t get the name of this contest twisted. It is not VA’s Big Booty contest, but “VA’s Best Booty Contest” featuring a three-page line-up of women’s derriere/backside/rear end/butt in every size, shape and race including small butts, big butts, dark-skinned butts, fair-skinned butts, African American butts, Mexican butts, and even Caucasian butts! On the flip side, although the contest is gender-specific; it could have been somewhat more interesting and exciting if men were allowed to submit photos of their derriere as well. As a matter of a fact, if you look close enough, you might find at least one photo in the line-up that resembles a man’s rear end; hopefully not, but it’s questionable?

The rules to the contest are as follows:

Rule # 1: Contestants can only submit one (1) sexy photo of your derriere/backside/rear end — Hmmmmm — — — it seems a sexy photo of anyone’s derriere most likely could be, would be, without a doubt, sexy.

Rule # 2: Keep it clean with no nude photos and no g-strings or thongs. Thank God for rule #2 because butt cheeks and butt cracks are no longer kept private. They are fashionably displayed publically day in and day out. Leave something for the imagination.

Rule # 3: Must be 21 years of age and the owner/producer of the submitted photo. Now, honestly, who would actually submit another individual’s butt pic! Unless they are really desperate and eager to win the grand prize.

Speaking of the grand prize. Strikingly, the lucky winner will receive a “Designer Handbag” valued at a minimum of $500.00! Saaaay whaaaat! A $500 minimum designer bag for a “Butt” pic?!?! Now that’s just downright stingy. Any contestants modeling their derriere, backside, rear end and butt all over the internet should be compensated for more than just a measly designer bag, not to mention 2nd and 3rd place winners. And, $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars) in cash would suffice anytime over a doggone designer bag! Come on 103 JAMZ! Show the ladies some love! Give them a real prize….and show them the money!!

Last but not least, to the totally disgusting booties in the line-up that scream “Oh no she did not submit a butt pic!” “Thumbs down!” Nevertheless, I do admire your confidence. To the sexy, hot booties that are pleasing to the eye. “Thumbs up!” Best of luck, and get yo purse girl!

Voting is open to the general public until May 22, 2011, so click on the link below, peep the pics and vote for VA’s Best Booty. The winner will be announced on May 23, 2011, so keep it locked to 103 JAMZ !