Best Blogs for Amateur Jewelry Makers

Since I was young I’ve loved making my own jewelry. It started first with making “friendship bracelets” out of braided thread. It soon moved on to making my own beads with sculpey clay and other fun finds, and even learning how use wire to create beautiful designs. The blogs below include some of the best guides and how-to’s to creating your own jewelry from home. Whether you want to specialize and earn money from your projects or if you’re just an avid hobbyist, you can all learn so much from the following;

Bead Jewelry and Much More: At you will find some of the most elegant home-made pieces of jewelry made by blogger Chris Michaels. With a “free projects” page you can find step-by-step directions on how to copy these great designs. The jewelry includes beautiful beaded works along with very classy pieces made of silver. And, if you get really into it, you can even buy the blogger’s books and how-to guides through Amazon.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry: One of my favorite types of jewelry making styles is wire wrapping. The reason I love it so much is because of its unique and antique quality. Search the blog to find a variety of extraordinary wire wrapping designs including quality pictures, lists of what you’ll need, and phenomenal tutorials to guide you through your process.

Ceramic Bead Making: That’s right; I’m talking about those beautiful vintage-looking beads every girl wishes they knew how to make. Now you can. At Diana Ptaszynski ‘s Suburban Girl Studio blog you can find beautiful galleries of hand-crafted ceramic beads. The blog includes free tutorials, many picture examples, and a show schedule – so if you want to learn from the professionals you can go see her in person! You can find Diana’s Blog at

Clay Beads: Many projects can be done using bakeable clay. At you will find a hundred or more ideas, how-to steps, instructions on what tools you may need, and how to purchase pre-made beads. This is hands-down the best clay bead-making blog I have ever found. If you search through its pages, you will find more than you’ll ever need to know.

Cording, Ribbon, and Lace: Last but certainly not least is Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel’s blog found at Cording, Ribbon, and Lace jewelry pieces are some of the most elegant yet simple pieces of jewelry you can make at home. You’ll find everything you need in this well put-together blog of jewelry making.

You now have all the resources you could ever need to make the most creative and unique jewelry possible. Now get to work!